Gian 84, Woo Jung-ing remarks “I’m going to get off the mountain now too”… Start dating?

Gian 84, Woo Jung-ing (Photo = Captured from YouTube channel ‘Life 84’)

Webtoon writer Gian84 showed off a romantic performance with YouTuber Woo Jung-ing.

On the 10th, on Gian 84’s YouTube channel ‘Life 84’, a video titled ‘In-house Romance Episode 1’ was released. Gian 84, who appeared as a successful businessman in the video, showed off, “The office has moved. The company has grown a lot.”

On this day, Woo Jung-ying and Gian 84 were hired after a company interview. Afterwards, Gian 84 and Woo Jung-ing meet by chance at a restaurant. When Woo Jung-ying asked Gian 84, “Do you have a girlfriend?”, Gian 84 answered, “No.”

When Woo Jung-ying joked, “You don’t have a girlfriend because you’re getting so dirty (on clothes),” Gian 84 gave an unpleasant tee and eventually shouted, “Hey, what are we going to do?”

After learning that Woo Jung-ying was crying on the emergency stairs, Gian 84 apologized, saying, “I’m sorry. Woo Jung-ying reconciled, conveying her honest feelings, “I felt like I was living too much at work, so I wanted to make you laugh.”

Three months later, Gian84 said, “It’s already been 100 days since we met. Time goes by so fast. I love you so much.” He said, “I have to go say hello to my parents. Now I’m leaving ‘I Live Alone’.” .


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