Giant Whale | Giant whale smashes tourist boat; Four injured; Video goes viral



A giant whale crashes a tourist boat in the province of Sinaloa in Mexico. The humpback whale is a giant whale that frightens visitors. The whale jumped out of the water and wrecked the boat. Four people were injured in the accident. The video of the horrific incident was captured on camera by people in other boats. Video and pictures go viral on social media.

Jumping out of the water is the way of the whale. The video shows him jumping towards the boat like this. The video, which was shot at sea, has already been viewed and shared by many. Whales usually jump into the water. But here he jumped into a tourist boat that was sailing in the sea.

The boat was wrecked by the force of the humpback whale as it was a good heavy creature. Luckily the whale went underwater after hitting the boat once. The boat sank first and then returned to the water level. The epicenter was reported below the Pacific Ocean floor, however; no tsunami alert was issued. The area is famous for its whales. Many tourists come here by boat to see the whales up close. Coon whales and blue whales abound here. The breeding season is from December to the end of March.

Two women and two men were injured in a collision with a whale. They were taken to a hospital in Los Mochis. One person was seriously injured in the accident. He sustained injuries to his head and spine. The Linea Directa portal, a local newspaper in Mexico, reported that a woman’s leg was broken. Pictures of the wrecked boat have also been circulating on Twitter. The roof of the boat fell to the ground. The front is totally broken.

Omar Mendoza Silva, Ahom’s civil protection coordinator, said the whale may have been frightened when the boat came too close. They also said that the captains of the tourist center had been instructed not to sail the boat too close to the whale. “Do not try to get too close to the whale for any reason. We are not barred from enjoying their beauty or seeing them. But always keep a safe distance. ” Ahom Mayor Gerardo Vargas said. He added that it was the only way to avoid such accidents.

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First published:May 19, 2022, 18:05 IST

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