Giants Sho Nakata, 340 million yen → 150 million yen big reduction salary renewal Exceeding the reduction limit “Next year will be rough in a good way” | Full-Count

“I take it for myself that I have caused trouble.”

Giants Sho Nakata infielder faced negotiations for contract renewal at a baseball team office in Tokyo on the 7th, signing with an annual salary of 150 million yen, which is a significant decrease from this season’s annual salary of 340 million yen. 56% down, exceeding the reduction limit (40% for 100 million yen or more). “I’ve fallen a lot. I haven’t really been able to get results this year, so I can’t help it. It made me want to do my best from scratch,” he said. (Amount is estimated)

It was expected to be No. 4 of Nippon Ham immovable this season, but suffered from poor hitting. The issue of violence against teammates was discovered, and he was suspended indefinitely on August 11. Although he transferred to the Giants on August 20, he played in a total of 73 games and had a batting average of .177, 7 home runs, and 20 RBIs. “Next year is rough in a good way. This year I ended up without being able to put myself out. My play style and swing were atrophied. I want to give back with more and more results. “

Next season, he set the goal of capturing the RBI king. At the Ishigakijima voluntary training in Okinawa in January, a young Hope Akihiro volunteered to become a disciple. “I said’Why am I’, but he said I wanted to do it together. I don’t think there’s any difference in what I’ve done in my voluntary training, but I think it’s a period of bullying my body. I would like to do this while suffering from doing this much at the time, “he swore.

(Masaya Kotani)








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