Giffarine sends matte lipsticks to the market

It’s undeniable that lipstick is a favorite makeup of almost every girl. because it is an item that adds color to the lips to make them lively But many people have to endure the problem of lipstick and mask until it is annoying, so Giffarine has released a new product out of the box to please the ladies with Giffarine Innovia Rouge Velvet Giffarine Innovia Rouge Velvet Lip Matte Gen. new with pigment molecules imported from the United States and Japan Matte texture that is soft and comfortable on the mouth. Easy to apply, fresh, clear, long-lasting, even when wearing masks with Signature Velvet Film technology. that locks the texture of the lipstick to keep the lips lasting for a long time With natural extracts Natural Nourishing (Oat Oil) imported from England. Does not cause dry, chapped, flaky lips. There are up to 5 shades to choose from. All looks, every style. Net quantity 2.7 grams. Price 240 baht.

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