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Gifted teacher but hurts children’s hearts identify time to develop teaching Advise parents to unite she noticed she shouldn’t have a career as a teacher anymore

February 7, 2023 – from a Facebook fan page case bad student Published a photo of a school teacher in Bueng Sam Phan District, Phetchabun Province, using scissors to go after the hair of more than 100 students until it was cut off. During the morning line the teacher then called on all the students whose hair was cut off to fix their hairstyles. to become a troll All white on three sides

while the social world Many criticized the teacher’s actions.

one twitter user Note that “I would like to encourage parents and students to unite against teachers who use authoritarianism to cut students’ hair like this. Take the disciplinary offense (termination of the regulations of the Ministry of Education) and the civil (violation) taking the wrong thing to be confiscated from the teaching profession. He shouldn’t be a teacher anymore.”

Another commentator said, “The rules and the discipline are enough to understand, but the way the teacher acts. all schools Still doing the same, cutting children’s hair seems to be a strong method for children in terms of their thoughts, causing them to become negative.”

As another comment said “You should look at me as part of your body. it should be considered as property that can claim compensation When teachers do not respect the ministerial regulations Should the ministry have penalties for deducting salary? Downgrade? Teachers are another institution that never changes the system. and uphold old-fashioned values

while another observes that “Look at the students of other countries. He didn’t bother with a hairstyle. Why is it moving forward?

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