Gila Island, beyond the techno thriller, Gila Island will remind you to smile innocently like brother Indran: Manu Krishna – interview with director manu krishna shares details of the malayalam movie gila island

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The space between imagination and reality can be called reality! Gila is such a magical world. It highlights the new possibilities of the techno-cyber world on the silver screen and the hidden dangers behind it. What does Gila Island have to say to the Malayali audience? Beyond the darkness of secrecy and silence, it will spread the heartbeat of family, friendship and love. With the movie Gila Island, which is coming to the theatres, new experiences are being visualized which are not so familiar to the Malayali audience.

Scripted and directed by debutant Manu Krishna, Gila Island stars Indrans and Kailash along with a handful of newcomers in lead roles. Gila Island is a techno family thriller that visualizes dark web scams and addictive online games, dating apps and the problems that follow. The film presents a serious subject in the context of family relationships. Director Manu Krishna with details of Gila…

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Gila Island is a magical world

Gila Island is a fictional place. Country like Kerala and Laksa Island. It got its name because it was home to a poisonous snake called the Gila. At the same time Gila is an IT hub. It is home to many of the world’s most viral dating games and apps. The name Gila also means crazy. A dating app that drives people crazy was created from Gila Island. It was later banned by the government. The story of the film starts from there.

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The contemporary relevance of the story

Today, through the news media, we know about the many scams hidden behind dating apps. Therefore, Gila Island is a very contemporary theme. The covid period has greatly affected our health. But beyond that, there is a situation today where all our worlds have been reduced to phones. From there, Gila has tried to wake up the audience and give them a new mind. It was prepared in such a way that it combines the trinity of family relationships, love, dramatic events and the exciting tone of serial murders to entertain the audience.

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Interesting character of Indran

As soon as he heard the story, Indran’s brother became interested. His innocent smile touches everyone’s heart. Similarly, the climax of the film has tried to say that we can laugh. He enters the film as a bodybuilder who is a fan of Salman Khan. We tried to convey his family background, the relationship between father and son and his trinity to the audience. In the film, Chetan Indran is portrayed as a cool, funny and very freaky father character, from the serious role he usually sees.

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History of the cyber world

I am a doctor. Working in UAE. Already in the field of music direction. Earlier film discussions and script writing were often done in conjunction with the music work. The Gila Island thought comes at a time of isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic. When I thought about making a film, I first thought that it shouldn’t be a story about medicine. That’s how the technology came to the opposite side. My brother is a software engineer. The brother and his friends designed a startup plan based on software that would help patients. I was its director. Because of that, I learned a lot about the technical side. I was very interested in the happenings in the cyber world. That’s how the story and characters of the IT world make it to the cinema.

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Gila’s message

Gila Island has a great message for the audience. We need a mobile phone, we should not forget to smile and talk openly with each other until we get beyond the phone relationships. Meeting someone through a dating app is just a virtual relationship. That relationship with each other will be weak. But what we have as father, mother, brothers and sisters, friends and associates is a direct relationship. There is a mutual warmth that can never be found through a dating app on your phone. We have tried to give that recognition through Gila.

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This is a family story

The Gilas are said to have strong family ties through the village green men. Even when the excitement element is added to it, an attempt was made to convey the warmth and uniqueness of the countryside through the characters, not to frighten and make the audience stressed. My hometown is Manimala in Kottayam district. One of the main locations of the film was there. Also shot in Kanjirapalli, Kuttikanam and Dubai. Editing is done by Shameer Muhammad. Mohan Das, who was the art director of films including Lucifer, has also worked in Gila. Pramod K Pillai was also present as the creative director. The film’s music has been composed by me. There are five songs including two English songs.

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