Gillette Celebrates the Return of the Gillette Fortnite Cup with All-Star Gillette Gaming Coalition

BOSTON–(Business Wire / Korea Newswire) June 02, 2023–Gillette (NYSE: PG), the world’s leading men’s grooming specialist and pioneer in games and e-sports, presents a highly anticipated port. Proud to announce the return of the special Fortnite Gillette Cup.

A two-day international gaming competition on a custom-built Fortnite island. The first Gillette Cup, which premiered in February 2022, recorded over 300,000 viewing hours during the tournament. Now in its second year, starting June 1, 2023, members of the Gillette Gaming League will compete against members of the global Fortnite community for a $50,000 prize pool, doubling from last year. The Gillette Cup featuring Fortnite is one of the largest corporate sponsored tournaments for the gaming community to date.

The competition will take place on the island of “Gillette Face-Off,” a custom environment developed using Fortnite’s Creative toolset. It’s built on a torch from the futuristic wraparound version and current mine shaft of the island, which ended in 2022. As a dedicated brand, Fortnite Island features Gillette’s iconic products for an immersive “Zero Build” game and gaming experience that as satisfying as a close shave. To compete on the “Gillette Faceoff” island, use the island code 6674-8139-7577 at any time.

Daniel Ordonez, Head of Gillette Global Brand Franchise, said, “The return of the Gillette Cup featured in Fortnite is a testament to our past success and our relationship with members of the Gillette Gaming Alliance to provide meaningful and impactful experiences to the gaming community.” We look forward to supporting the members of the Coalition and enjoying it together with the Fortnite community. The most important thing is to meet in a really fun and authentic way, in a hot place.”

For the first time in this event, spectators and fans around the world You can check the leaderboard and see real-time updates by visiting You will also have a chance to visit the newly launched website during the tournament to win exclusive Gillette gaming gear and products.

◇ Tournament details – competitive and professional sports event style format

The tournament starts with regional qualifiers where 8 teams in “Duos” representing 8 countries/regions will compete, a total of 64 teams and 128 players worldwide. The participants represent Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom and the United States/Canada. Teams are randomly placed on the “Gillette Faceoff” island using a points system and compete in multiple rounds of Zero Build competitions.

The top 16 teams from the regional games will compete for a chance to progress to the semi-finals. The team is divided into two groups of eight duos. These 16 teams continue to compete in several rounds of the “Gillette Face-Off” island. The top four duos from each group will advance to the finals to form one lobby and compete in multiple rounds of custom Gillette Cup islands. Duos are scored using a points system and receive prizes based on their position. After that, the final duo is crowned the winner of the Gillette Cup!

Gillette Gaming Alliance Members: TypicalGamer (US/Canada), Vicens (Spain), Agustin (Spain), Papaplatte (Germany), Rumathra (Germany), Elded (Mexico), Jolavanille (France), Pizfn (Italy), Xuider (Italy), Mongraal (UK), Nobru (Nobru) (Brazil) representing their country against fellow members of the Fortnite community to “win” for a championship prize.

Fortnite Pro Andre Rebelo (game name: TypicalGamer), Gillette Gaming Coalition member representing North America, said, “We experienced an explosive Gillette Gaming stream this year and delivered great content and experiences to the community on behalf of the brand.” I remember seeing the Gillette Cup last year and thinking it was great. I’m very happy to take part in person this year, and I really want to get the win (W) for my fans and followers.”

The Gillette Gaming Alliance, now in its fifth year, is Gillette’s longest-running gaming effort and one of the most prominent and successful programs for the brand to date.

*Gillette provides the Fortnite Creative Experience only and is not supported, endorsed or controlled by Epic Games, Inc.

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