Gina the Face shares a clip of how to sue people Let’s meet soon Tell me how you know, not as much as you know

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3 Dec. 2021 6:59 PM.

Previously, there was a heavy drama. for model-actress Gina Wiraya Pattachokchai or Gina the face Recently, he was linked to the news as a plaintiff of a young heroine. to be heavily criticized again

latest Gina the face shared a youtube clip “How to sue someone to get 1 million!!! | Nisamanee.Nutt” of Nut Nisamanee in IG story and write a caption “Give me some advice, mom. seems to be able to use it” and tagged Nut Nisamanee’s IG

It also posted a screenshot of a Facebook user who shared Gina’s news and said: “The show walking without chopping But he is good at stealing the husbands of the villagers. #That person is Aunt Tu, Wife, Uncle Wit,” which Gina wrote in the caption, “The first two items are not arguing, but the last one. Let’s talk now. See you later #How to know? Not as good as knowing this. You can know the truth first.”

Gina also shared her manager’s Instagram story. Which posted a picture of a message capturing a lot of people who used to steer her which has a caption that says “It’s time for us to get serious about keyboard trolls. can only talk about it, but ask him to know the truth first Let’s meet, Miss Police Station, and we will meet.”

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