Ginseng Corporation wins by one point in DB in the final match of professional basketball in 2021

▲ Ginseng Corporation players such as Oh Se-geun and Oh Mari Spellman

In the final match of professional basketball in 2021, Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation won by one point in the last minute against Wonju DB.

Ginseng Corporation beat the DB 90-89 in the 2021-2022 KGC Ginseng Corporation Jeong Kwan-jang professional basketball regular league home match held at Anyang Gymnasium on the 31st.

Ginseng Corporation maintained third place with 16-11, and DB, with 12-15, moved down from a joint sixth place to seventh place.

Ginseng Corporation Spellman 19 points and 14 rebounds, Moon Seong-gon 18 points and 9 rebounds, Jeon Seong-hyeon 16 points, Oh Se-geun 14 points 5 assists, and Byun Jun-hyung 13 points 9 assists, the final victory of 2021 was jointly achieved.

In the DB, Heo Woong made his first double-double (20 points and 12 assists) with the most assists of the season, but he did not lead the team to victory.

The DB, which had been lagging throughout the game, balanced 86-86 with O’Brien’s 3 points with 1 minute and 33 seconds left in the end, and 28.3 seconds before 86-90, Heo Woong put all three free throws from his 3-point shot to 1 It was gradually pressured.

Ginseng Corporation Byun Jun-hyung missed both free throws due to opponent fouls with 23.5 seconds remaining, so DB had a chance to come back, but after that, the game ended as it was, spending time without even trying to shoot properly in the last attack.

(Photo=provided by KBL, Yonhap News)



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