Girl with Covid Chiang Mai Open heart, detail, apologize Unaware that I’m stuck Never went to a risky place

Girl with Covid Chiang Mai Open heart, detail, apologize Unaware that I’m stuck Never went to a risky place

On January 5, one Facebook user Ap ap Who claimed to be a COVID patient in Chiang Mai Which is being condemned by society Clarified through the said Facebook stating that

“I would like to allow additional clarification because Are you really infected with COVID-19?

– Did not answer anyone or answer the call, who has to apologize.

– Previously used a normal life Eat rice like the old one There were no symptoms at all.

– Who did I not report to? Or haven’t contacted yet You can get COVID tested for free at Lanna Hospital and Nakorn Ping Hospital, telling you that you are at risk.

– I have to come out to apologize to adults, siblings, friends, including business owners, every business, every area, every place. I went because I really didn’t know. I didn’t have any symptoms until the 3rd day. And the medical team has not yet determined where it came from.

– 14 day timeline of mice Is more detailed than the news that has been announced My data goes back 14 days to 1 month by browsing chat. Having talked to my friends, mom and girlfriend, whom I went back to and read, I knew where I was going and what I did. I would always tell my mom and girlfriend with illustrations. And a picture taken on a mobile phone, which is already a person who likes to take pictures, I use the pictures and shoot as I have given me a testimony to the Department of Disease Control Confirm that it is all true. Tell every place that I go to. But didn’t try any outfit at the store If anyone wants more details, you can contact the Department of Disease Control. It has been several hours since I heard that it was positive. Sit and talk on your timeline with the Department of Disease Control. Talking on the phone Therefore can not answer anyone

– January 3 Feel terrified Before entering the house, I stopped by to check at the hospital. At first, the doctor informed me that I had dengue fever. I myself was tested for influenza and COVID-19.

– January 4 Lying at home all day until 16.50, the Department of Disease Control called to inform that the results were positive. (Which has not seen the document confirming it) The medical team came to pick up at home and take the next treatment at Nakhon Ping Hospital.

– Usually I am a tourist already, I like to hang out with friends. And the person who is near me who traveled together, I have informed all of them to go to check. Some of the results were removed and the result was negative.

– I have many friends. Which I myself have informed all people close to me And word of mouth

– I have a real business career, I do it at home, the cook is my father and mother personally, I am not a cook at all. And where there are no markets, new cities, or fresh produce on the timeline Because I have a regular store to deliver things at home And clear the bill on a weekly basis So Mother, I don’t travel to the new city market. Personally, I went to sell it at the market as informed. While selling, I wear masks all the time.

-I was told that I work as a PR / Entertain, right? Travel like that. Because my timeline only contains entertainment venues I didn’t do that kind of work. If only I have a lot of acquaintances, a lot of people are met when traveling.

– Asked why there is no girlfriend in the timeline. My girlfriend works in different provinces. He is a hard worker Collect the holidays for as long as possible and he will be able to stop counting for 58 days. So he’s not in the timeline. As for the people who said I was addicted from my girlfriend, this is not true.

– Treatment of COVID-19 According to the process of the medical team I was healed in the negative pressure chamber. All alone, no one could come in except to have an injection or an X-ray. The medical team wears the uniforms we’ve seen.

– The doctor explained that we are infected. Not so easy to stick, I might be caught from money. From certain areas where infection is present Which not everyone can get the infection everyone Some people get the infection to spread it to us. But he might not be. But I may have been infected Just because the mice themselves may be at the right low immunity. So I got infected.

– I admit it wrong. And I am telling the truth, where do I go and what I do?

– and thank you for your support from everyone Thank you really from the heart. As for the people who brought the matter to talk without knowing the truth, it’s okay. Today I know. Who’s how Especially the people close to you that you and my mother have supported To help all along. He brought the story of me untrue, which was a terrible feeling.

P.S. I’m a COVID-19, not a shooting thief.

January 5, 2021

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