Girlfriend Siheung-dong revenge murder man review arrested today

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Regarding the revenge murder case in Siheung-dong, Seoul, it was revealed that the police did not take active action after seeing the previous report of dating violence as ‘a simple quarrel between lovers’.

It will be decided today whether this man will be arrested or not.

This is reporter Shin Joon-myeong.

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It was 7:17 am when a 33-year-old man called Kim branded a woman he loved in a car park.

It was only 10 minutes after the woman came out of the police investigation due to a report of sexual violence.

Around 5:30, an hour and a half before the event.

CCTV captured the suspect Kim chasing the victim across sidewalks and roads.

The victim reported the man to the police at the time, saying, “Mr. Kim pulled his arm several times and broke the television in the house.”

There was also a record that the victim screamed when the 112 report was received.

The suspect, Mr. Kim, “I was in a bad mood because of the report of violence at the time” as the reason for killing the victim.

It is noted that if these separation measures were possible, the damage could have been prevented.

The police however said that the victim did not want to be punished and that there was no legal basis for separating the two.

If the two were in a common law relationship, they could consider taking measures such as a ban on entry, but at the time, there were not enough grounds to see it as a common law marriage.

As for the reason why the police did not know for more than 3 hours even though there was a witness right after the murder, the suspect told the witnesses, “My pregnant girlfriend is hurt and going to the hospital .”

Kim’s detention review for revenge killing will be held this afternoon at the Southern District Court in Seoul.

This is MBC News Shin Joon-myeong.


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