‘Girlfriend’ Soyul admits about postpartum depression “I often cry after giving birth to my second child”…Moon Heejun react?

KBS2’s ‘Walking Into Fantasies’ reveals that Soyul suffers from postpartum depression.
In the KBS 2TV family travel variety ‘Walking into the Hall of Fame’ (directed by Kim Seong-min and Yun Byeong-il / hereinafter referred to as ‘The Girl’s Hall of Fame’), they share blood, but they fight fiercely. Travel abroad from different star families that seem similar to each other! A family world trip that will be fantasy or fantasy. Under the empathic progress of Park Na-rae, Lee Yoo-ri, and Kyu-hyun, the ‘representative Korean idol couple in their 7th year of marriage’ Moon Hee-joon-So-yul’s family and Moon Hee-jun’s younger sister’s family. a trip to Guam, Vietnam, led by Ha Seung-jin, the tallest basketball player in Korea, and the unique family members of the two families Da Nang’s travel story unfolds and brings a big smile to the home theater.

The 12th episode of ‘Geohwanjang’, which airs today (2nd), depicts the second day of the family trip to Guam by Moon Hee-jun and Moon Hye-ri. Moon Hee-joon draws attention by preparing a trip for the children, saying, “If only the children laugh all day, today will be a success.” It is a theme of traveling with affection specially prepared by Moon Hee-jun for the relief and healing of his wife So-yul and his younger sister Moon Hye-ri.

While Hee-jun Moon goes on an amusement park trip with the kids, So-yul, the ‘new sister’, and Hye-ri Moon, the ‘sister-in-law’, enjoy a shopping date. It’s a sweet break given to the two who have gone through the obligatory parade of childcare, but the two, who are 10 years old and have time alone outside for the first time , making viewers laugh with their awkward appearance.

Soon after, Soyul and Moon Hye-ri, who were speechless, poured out their curiosity about each other and talked about each other, and something caught their attention. Only childcare products. Moon Hye-ri said, “Don’t just look at the backpack…” when So-yul looked at the second diaper backpack.

So-yul’s sister-in-law takes care of her in many ways, and the two become closer. Along with this, Soyul admitted to having postpartum depression eight months after giving birth to her second child, saying, “It’s been a while since I gave birth to my second child, so I often get emotional .”

Soyul’s admission of postpartum depression can be seen in episode 12 of KBS 2TV’s ‘Walking into the Heart’, which airs at 9:25pm on the 2nd.

iMBC Baek Ah-young | Photo courtesy of KBS

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