Girls do not receive love from their husbands after giving birth; Woman with complaint | Kerala women commission | wife complaint against husband

Kochi: A young woman complains that she does not get love and consideration from her husband because she gave birth to girls. The woman had lodged a complaint with the Women’s Commission. The complainant was a 25 – year – old woman with two children aged two years and one month. However, the other party completely denied the allegation of the complainant. After hearing the arguments of the complainant and her husband, the commission decided to subject both of them to counseling.

At the same time, the member of the commission, Adv. Shiji Shivaji evaluated. Adv. Shiji Shivaji said.

Member of the Commission Adv. Shiji Shivaji and Director Shaji Sugunan heard the complaints.

39 complaints were settled on various issues including domestic issues, workplace issues and complaints against the police. Seven complaints were sent for a police report. Two complaints were left to counseling. Out of the total 200 complaints considered, 152 were postponed to the next sitting due to non-attendance of the parties, the Women’s Commission said.

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