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Thiruvananthapuram: Gismon Mathew Intercontinental Arbitrator. Gismon was regarded by the Environment Chess Federation at the close of the FIDE Congress held in conjunction with the World Chess Olympiad. Carlson and Anand will now be controlled by Jismon.
Gismon is capable to be a Main Referee in key Grandmaster tournaments and globe championships. The Planet Chess Federation judged that Gismon had successfully finished all the specifications for becoming an Intercontinental Referee. The Globe Chess Federation FIDE arbiter title arrived to Kerala for the very first time as a result of Gismon. The to start with fur arbitrator of the Kerala Chess Association.
It took 10 years for Gismon to access the needed standards by competing in the World Youth Olympiad, the Commonwealth Chess Championship and the Geetham Vizag Chess Grandmaster. 1998 MG Setting up from the College South Zone Championship, Jismon decided to target more on the discipline of refereeing, following starting to officiate matches on his very own as the Main Referee.
The turning place arrived when he attended a seminar by Rathinam Anantharam, just one of the world’s greatest arbitrators. Looking at Gismon’s talent, Antaram felt the braveness to personally produce the FIDE arbiter check done by the Earth Chess Federation. Therefore, he participated in the five-working day FIDE Arbitrator Seminar held in Chennai and handed the corresponding exam with second rank. He gained the title of FIDE Arbitrator in 2012 by winning the required selection of worldwide rating tournaments held in Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

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