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Give everything for the Heat: Dwyane Wade, the man without meniscus | Salary cuts, sacrifices and departures-NBA-Basketball

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Author: Li Zhuoyu Physiotherapist


1. The man without meniscus: D. Wade

2. The savior of the Heat

3. Salary reduction, sacrifice and fulfillment: the arrival of the three kings

4. Low-key but dazzling old age: the maximum salary contract that the Heat owes him

5. Return of the King: This is my house, Miami

[1. The man without meniscus: D. Wade]

A quick first step, strong physical fitness, tough defense and a sense of interception, people crown him“flash”Reputation.

However, it’s hard to imagine that this explosive Flash is inHe had his left knee meniscus removed in his sophomore year due to a knee injury, So his other title is “Men without Meniscus”.

This meniscus surgery affected Wade’s life, and it wasWade’s last regret in his life

If he hadn’t had his meniscus removed in a hurry to play 20 years ago, if he chooses to heal his injury and use the method of meniscus repair, maybe we can see another existence like Jordan.

Words from the therapist:

2-30 years ago, the medical treatment for meniscus tears was often to remove them.

At that time, people thought that the meniscus was not an important tissue, and thought that removing it would not have much impact, and the use ofMeniscus removal players can quickly return to the game, Approximately after surgery“Within 1-3 months”You can return (some even return within a few weeks), which is why Wade chose to remove it.

However, with the advancement of medicine, people have discovered that the meniscus is an important tissue responsible for shock absorption and cushioning, and has the function of maintaining the axis of the knee.“Menis Repair”Way, although after surgeryLonger recovery time required to return to the game, It takes “more than 5-6 months”, but it can save more meniscus, and it will not cause repeated wear and tear of the knee due to the removal of the meniscus.Many sequelae such as “joint inflammation and bone contusion”In the long run, it is a much better choice, so modern players will almost never take a torn meniscus.

[2. The savior of the Heat who is looking forward to it]

In the 2003 Golden Draft, Wade was selected by the Miami Heat with the 5th overall pick, second only to L. James, C. Anthony, and C. Bosh, officially opening his legendary life.

In the first year of his career, he led the Heat back to the playoffs with Eddie Jones and Lamar Odom and entered the second round of the playoffs. The following year, with the help of O’Neal, he reached the Eastern Conference finals, but lost to the Pistons after seven games due to injuries.

The Four Heavenly Kings of the 2003 NBA Gold Draft

In 2006, Wade and O’Neal successfully avenged the Pistons in their internal and external connections.Leading the team to the championship in the third year of his career, Facing the Mavericks, the Heat first lost two games in a row, and thenWade turns on Jordan mode, The opponents had no parry, averaged 39.2 points, 8.2 rebounds, 3.5 assists and 2.5 steals in the last four battles, leading the Heat to win the championship, andBecome the fifth youngest FMVP in history, O’Neal also realized the declaration when he left the Lakers that year: I will help Wade become the best player in the NBA.

[3. Salary reduction, sacrifice and fulfillment: the arrival of the three kings]

After winning the championship, Wade did not ask for a maximum salary, instead“Voluntary salary reduction renewal” to maintain the team’s strength

In the following years, however, Wade suffered from knee injuries, the season was stopped and stopped, and in 2008, he underwent knee surgery. Although the performance after the return is brilliant, averaging 30 points to win the scoring leader, but the team’s performance is still up and down.

at this time Wade “takes the initiative to cut salaries again”, allowing the team to recruit LeBron James and Chris Bosh, Successfully formed the famous LCD connection.

LCD Connection entered the championship in the first year, but lost to D. Nowitzki’s unparalleled performance. After a year of running-in, the combination of the three kings became more and more sharp. In 2012, it defeated the young Thunder and R. Allen in 2013. Successfully completed the second consecutive hegemony under his rescue three-pointer, making the Heat become the most popular team among fans in the NBA.

It’s a pity that a knee injury has always bothered him, and Wade’s performance has also begun to be unstable.The 2013 Championship even had to rely on pumping knee fluid and analgesic injections to barely survive., It’s no wonder that after winning the championship, he will take champagne on his knees and tell it: You have worked hard.

After winning the championship, pouring champagne on your knees to celebrate

[4. Low-key but dazzling old age: the maximum salary contract that the Heat owes him]

Lebron left in 2015, and Bosh retired early due to cardiopulmonary problems in 2016.Wade alone supports the overall situation, Under the circumstance that no one is optimistic,Several key blows in the playoffs, To help the team win all kinds of miracles, although the last step is the second round, but his performance has completely beaten those who do not like him.

Old age

Just when everyone believes that Wade is worth a share“High-paying contracts for multiple years”, When he could stay with the Heat all his life, but the manager Riley hasn’t renewed his contract for a long time.Only give a contract of 10 million a year……

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