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Give me 5 things!!!

by news dir

Former English football powers like Manchester United and this minute are rushing to repair the worn parts of their own hard. After being separated from the Premier League champions for 8 years and never touched any trophy for 4 years

Having had chronic problems in the “right-wing” position for a long time, Jadon Sancho was brought in to solve the problem, especially at centre-back. When he destroyed with Harry Maguire symptoms have not improved much. Because the watermelon head still lacks a suitable pair.

Raphael Varane was drawn in as the latest. for this particular event as well. Buying players to strengthen the army of Manchester United in the pre-season is considered very fast and good. This must be appreciated. Now ask if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer still has something to do. Before the new season arrives or not ???

The answer is…a lot. As one of the most stubborn ghost children Which has sold his soul to the Red Devils for more than 30 years. I want to ask you to do 5 more things.

1. Clear Paul Pogba’s story

So far, Paul Pogba has shrugged off a new contract offered by Manchester United. Despite the news reports that it is worth a huge 50 million pounds when the team has shown such ambitions. The higher the player’s potential, the higher the chance of success.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should call “Khun Pok” to hold his knees and talk openly about what to do. and respect his decision, which is to “stay” or “go”

Give me 5 things!!!

Please don’t like Yong Yong. Because it does not benefit both parties, if you want to “stay”, he is the key person who drives the game in the middle. But if you don’t want to leave your heart at Old Trafford, you have to sell it in order to find a new player to replace it in time. And not losing yourself for free is the 2nd battle

Stay and help If not, wish me luck. It’s time to ‘move on’

2. Can you keep Jesse Lingard for now???

During the last two seasons, he slithered his ass at Upton Park. His elder brother was very disappointed. because the form of play sucks It’s not useful to the team at all. Too much emphasis on dancing in the social world and the arrival of Bruno Fernandes makes a clear difference.

But being loaned to West Ham in the second half of last season turned out to be a positive for both Manchester United and Jesse Lingard, as it helped the Red Devils see the star’s true potential. this person more clearly At the same time he regained his self-confidence as if reincarnated with full confidence.

Give me 5 things!!!

The “low front” position overlaps with Bruno Fernandes is fine – as “J-Lynx” can play in a variety of positions. In fact, in the “left-front” position, Marcus Rashford and possibly Anthony Martial have shown good or bad form, not very consistent with Jesse. Lingard came as an “option” in this role, another likely to cause competition within the team.

In addition, with only one year remaining on the contract Even if it is sold, it should be worth only 20 million pounds. Better keep it like this. Jesse Lingard was born from the Red Devils’ kung sperm. He had already given his soul to the Red Devil.

3. Real defensive midfield like Roy Keane or Michael Carrick

Scott McTominay and Fred are not rightly defensive midfielders. But they help and support each other well when coordinated in the middle.

It would be nice to find a new defensive midfield player, whether it be Declan Rice or Saul Niguez, to say the least. more variety

Give me 5 things!!!

Yet, the dedication and pace of Mac & Fred could not be tolerated, especially the first one that was the result of a fiery ball school that continued to play on the field. to develop abilities A true defensive midfield in my opinion so you don’t always have to spend money on a new one, since you already have some “things” on hand, just add them to it.

If they’re really good, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will have to genetically modify them while turning them both into real defensive midfielders. Then save a lot of money to pay for the star-level striker to attack the new net better.

4. “Dave” or “Dino”

Manchester United now have two quality-rich goalkeepers at the same time.

The disparity between the number one goalkeeper and the other team’s second hand may be very high, but Manchester United have two goalkeepers with similar abilities. There are always 2 firsts, which should be a good thing…right???

Give me 5 things!!!

Hmmmm…but wait Because on the other hand, it may cause symptoms of two minds, two minds of the leading team manager must take turns sending them down to guard the pole. to manage the joy of playing

However, since birth I’ve never seen any club achieve success with two top goalkeepers taking turns and sending them down to guard the post. Because players in this position need continuity. Plus, you want to understand your own back panel.
I see that Manchester United brought Tom Heaton back to the Theater of Dreams to be a 2nd hand, not a 3rd hand because the goalkeeper has already accepted his status as a substitute.

Therefore, “Aunt Candy” has to make a decisive choice whether to give the number one position to David de Gea or Dean Henderson.

Once the decision has been made, use that player as the main character. Even if they show some mistakes, they have to admit it. Otherwise, it would continue to stumble. As for those who were not chosen to be number one, they had to let him go along the way. Or it may have to be borrowed first and then come again.

5. Improve yourself, that’s it.

The fact that the North has given Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a new contract until 2024, plus an additional year, means the 48-carat boss has both “opportunity” and “time” accordingly. that I want

Opportunity and time to build a long-term team Compared to pound-for-pound at the same age and spent the same time as the Red Devils manager, I would like to say that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is superior to Sir Alex Ferguson again – sorry.

Give me 5 things!!!

but severely lacks credibility Personality is soft and stubby. Severe lack of leadership about the arrangement planning matters and solving games in the past season I see a better direction.

Out of 10 to be at 6-7 points, stuck in the main style of play It’s too lung.

I understand the concept of Aunt Kae that emphasizes possession of the ball while playing concisely. It’s about a manager that’s too subtle for a normal football coach at the keyboard level to understand. or visible to the naked eye

Different eras allow each team to develop deep strategies.

Going down and looking forward to invading and breaking apart… Shimi It may not always be the right way. But it’s the way the fans like and want to see. only to satisfy their own desires

However, only when the defensive game has become more cohesive with the arrival of a new defender. as well as the new right-wing who is known as “Assist King”

We also hope that Manchester United will dare to play more bold offensive games. Football can’t be successful alone. It has to be stylish too.

I can confirm that the real Red Devils have to go down and go ahead and press their opponents to the end. Because it has been a trademark of its own since time immemorial.

That reminds me of the old days when Sir Alex Ferguson was still Manchester United manager. Because of pushing to defeat the opponent with only one goal!!!

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