‘Give me two pieces of dung’; Ahana replied the abuser

Actress Ahana Krishna responded to the abuser on social media. Ahana says that such commenters who do it to get attention are usually blocked, but it is important to make someone like you famous for abusing others. The actress’ response was revealed along with the name of the person who made the comment.

A nasty comment appeared on Ahana’s Instagram post from an account named Lal Nachu. The comment was, “Give me two pieces of dung.”

“Usually I block people like you. But I want to tell you this for a different reason. It’s good to be human and have some self-respect. He must at least have a sincere love for him. “Don’t insult yourself and make a fool of yourself by saying such thoughtless, sick dialogues in public, take care of yourself,” Ahana said.

Many people came forward to support Ahana. They say that this solution is not enough and they should file a complaint with the cyber police against such people.

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