Home Entertainment “Glass Heart” breaks 20 million in 14 days to watch Chen Fangyu shouts for freedom and priceless | Huang Mingzhi | Epoch Times

“Glass Heart” breaks 20 million in 14 days to watch Chen Fangyu shouts for freedom and priceless | Huang Mingzhi | Epoch Times

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[Epoch Times October 31, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Ma Weifen comprehensive report) Chen Fangyu recently sang “Glass Heart” with Huang Mingzhi, which was immediately reverberated as soon as it was released. The lyrics were satirizing China’s extreme netizens “Little Pink”, and the song was discussed The degree is quite high, and it has surpassed 21 million views so far. Chen Fangyu thanked his fans on Facebook and shouted that freedom is priceless.

Chen Fangyu posted on Facebook on the 30th (click here) to share with fans the good news that “Glass Heart” has exceeded 20 million views. She wrote emotionally: “Free speech is priceless, and the song “Glass Heart” has also been taught. I am a lot, thank you my parents for choosing to settle in Taiwan that year!”

She also revealed that she was practising Taiwanese and Chinese frequently recently, hoping that netizens could teach her some idioms, and finally said “Dried shrimps! (Taiwanese, meaning thank you all)”

And Huang Mingzhi also posted a post on Facebook late at night on the 30th (click here), thanking all walks of life for their love of “Glass Heart”, so that the MV for the song exceeded 20 million views in only 14 days. This is also a new record for his exclusive YouTube channel.

He said that according to the background data, this song will have such an amazing speed. In addition to the support of friends from Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan, another important factor is the “Chinese audience”. “Including Chinese from Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Oceania, etc., there are also a large number of domestic people who came across the wall to see…” He was fortunate to see so many people yearning for the free world, and finally he marked “I don’t want to be free “Dead”, received enthusiastic responses from netizens.

“Glass Heart” hits an exclusive interview with foreign media

The chorus “Glass Heart” is actually a romantic love song, but because the lyrics are delicately engraved with “little pink” features, such as “climbing the wall”, “not listening to people”, “crazy marching”, “inseparable”, etc. The terminology, as well as sensitive words such as “poverty alleviation”, “cotton”, and “common prosperity” have only been online for one day, and both Chen Fangyu and Huang Mingzhi’s Weibo accounts have been blocked.

The disappearance of the two microblogs instantly sparked a heated discussion on the Internet. In addition, the lyrics of the new song and the content of the MV have also resonated with most netizens in Asia. Since the song was launched on YouTube in mid-October, the number of views has exceeded 21 million views.

At present, the song continues to occupy the No. 1 position of YouTube music fever videos, but also attracts foreign media attention. When Chen Fangyu recently accepted an exclusive interview with the foreign media “ABC News”, he bluntly said that he did not intend to offend anyone and that he did not regret participating in this Chinese song. Make.

When asked, “This song touches on multiple politically sensitive topics, are you worried about your career and safety”, Chen Fangyu said, “I am very grateful that I live in Taiwan. Although one door may be closed, I have many other doors open. She believes that “everyone has the right to express their opinions.”

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