Global cases of COVID-19 surpass 97 million cases in the United States, nearly 25 million

At 9:00 am (21 Jan) Thailand time, worldometer website reports the latest information that has been gathered from public health agencies around the world. The global number of coronavirus cases 2019 (COVID-19) was 97,305,356, an increase of 695,542.The number of COVID-19 deaths worldwide was 2,083,203, an increase of 18,895. The treatment has recovered 69,847,515 cases.

The top 10 countries with the highest number of confirmed cases were: US 24,998,975 cases, India 10,611,719, Brazil 8,639,868, Russia 3,633,952, England 3,505,754, France 2,965,117, Italy 2,414,166, Spain 2,412,318, Turkey 2,406,216, Germany 2,090,161. Accumulated patients 12,653


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