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Original title: Global Connection | The spread of the new variant of the new crown virus strains in many countries to take measures!Source: Xinhua News Agency

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 27. The new coronavirus variant code-named Omi Keron (B.1.1.529) discovered by South African scientists has undergone a large number of mutations, which may greatly reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine and increase the risk of reinfection. Europe, the United States and other places still experiencing severe epidemics immediately announced travel restrictions against countries in southern Africa.

At the same time, due to the negative impact of this latest mutant strain, the global financial and energy markets have cast a shadow, and the prospects for economic recovery are full of uncertainties.

New variant virus is worrying

On the 26th, the World Health Organization listed the newly reported mutant strain of the new crown virus Omi Keron as a mutant strain that “needs attention” and called on countries to strengthen the monitoring and sequencing of all the still circulating new crown mutant strains.

The Omi Keron strain was confirmed for the first time in South Africa on November 9. The WHO said in a statement: “This mutant strain has a large number of mutations, some of which are worrying.” Preliminary evidence shows that compared with other previous mutant strains that “need attention”, B.1.1. The 529 strain may increase the risk of people being infected with the new crown a second time. This strain is detected faster than other mutant strains that have caused a surge in infections in the past, indicating that this latest mutant strain may have a growth advantage.

On November 26, staff (first from right) inspected the health passes of tourists at the Christmas market in Brussels, Belgium.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Cheng

The European Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the latest assessment report on the 26th. According to the existing genetic data, the risk of the new variant strain is “high”. Effectiveness increases the risk of re-infection, which arouses serious concern.

Entry restrictions issued by multiple countries

Many European countries are experiencing the fourth wave of the epidemic, with a substantial increase in confirmed cases, and the most widespread strain is the Delta strain. The emergence of Omi Keron strain has aroused high vigilance in Europe.

In order to slow the spread of the Omi Keron strain, the European Union decided on the 26th to activate the “emergency brake” mechanism and suspend flights to and from Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

The White House said on the 26th that it will restrict travel with South Africa and seven other African countries from the 29th, but it will not affect the return of American citizens and permanent residents to the United States.

On November 24, passengers checked in at LaGuardia Airport in New York, USA.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang YingOn November 24, passengers checked in at LaGuardia Airport in New York, USA.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wang Ying

Japan, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia and other countries have also announced entry restrictions on flights and passengers from many African countries.

British researchers believe that compared with the first discovered new coronavirus, the new strain has unprecedented mutation points, which may make it resistant to the existing new coronavirus vaccine. The UK has also updated its entry-prevention measures. Starting at 12 o’clock on the 26th, flights from South Africa and the surrounding 5 countries have been banned from entering the country, and people with relevant travel history are required to undergo nucleic acid testing and be quarantined.

International financial and energy market shocks

After the emergence of the Omi Keron strain, international oil prices fell sharply, and European and American stock markets also plummeted across the board on the 26th.

(Video screenshot)(Video screenshot)

On the 26th, New York oil prices and Brent oil prices had their biggest one-day declines since April 2020, with drops of 13.06% and 11.59%, respectively.

The London Stock Market “Financial Times” average price index of 100 stocks closed at 7044.03 points on the 26th, down 266.34 points or 3.64% from the previous trading day. The CAC40 index of the Paris stock market in France closed at 679.73 points, down 336.14 points or 4.75% from the previous trading day. The DAX index of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in Germany plummeted 660.94 points, or 4.15%, the biggest one-day drop this year.

Ulrich Cartel, chief economist of Deka Bank in Germany, believes that the emergence of a new mutant virus is very bad news for the financial market, which means that many countries in the world may take bans again.

Emanuel Co, head of the European stock strategy department of Barclays Bank, believes that the new mutant strain will cause turbulence in the stock market and make the prospects for economic recovery full of uncertainty. The key at present is whether the vaccine is still effective against the mutant strain.

How to deal with the new variant virus?

On November 19, in Frankfurt, Germany, a woman passed a new crown virus testing center in a shopping mall.Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Lu Yang

Andrea Amon, director of the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said that people are still unclear about the spread of this mutant strain, the protection of the vaccine, and the risk of reinfection. At this stage, preventive measures must be taken proactively to fight for it. time.

Amon suggested that the immunity gap must be narrowed first; second, all adults should be considered to provide booster injections; third, non-drug interventions should be strengthened, including wearing masks, telecommuting, reducing the use of public transportation, ensuring indoor ventilation and hygiene Measures, etc. (Text reporter: Liu Qu, Li Jizhi, Lin Hao, Sun Xiaoling, Shen Zhonghao, Jin Jing, Liu Yanan; Editing: Ma Xiaoyan, Cheng Dayu; Editing: Wang Pei)

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