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RIYADH > Saudi Arabia is way ahead in healthcare. The country’s government is very careful in providing better food, exercise and adequate treatment. An international survey shows that Saudi women are better in terms of health than British, Canadian, Spanish and Italian women, and Saudi women were ranked 28th in the ‘Women’s Health Index’, just ahead of French women. Saudi women have reached the 27th position among 122 countries of the world.

Saudi women rank first in the Arab world in terms of overall health and the health care they receive. The survey, launched in 2021, shows that Saudi women scored 61 out of 100 points, on par with women in the United States, Australia, Belgium, France, Hong Kong, Iceland and Malaysia ; The world average was just under 53 points.

In the Arab world, UAE women are second with 59 points, 35th in the world rankings, Algerian women are 63rd with 53 points, Tunisian women are 85th with 48 points, Egyptian women are 89th with 47 points, and Jordanian women is 47 points. Also in position 97. , and Moroccan women in position 98 with 44 points. Iraqi women were ranked 111 with 41 points and Lebanese women were ranked 118 with 40 points.

As for first place, it went to Taiwanese women as they scored 70 points out of 100 on the Global Index of Women’s Health; Afghanistan women reached 122 (final) world ranking with 22 points.

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