Global Vaccine Update: Some people in Israel are diagnosed after receiving the first dose of vaccine, Hong Kong has not given up on the purchase of Kexing vaccine-BBC News

14 minutes ago

Beginning in 2021, the new crown virus is still spreading, and the vaccination that people expect is gradually spreading around the world. More than 2 million people in Israel have received a dose of the new crown vaccine, but there are still vaccinators infected with the virus. Hong Kong government officials said that they have not given up on the procurement of China Kexing vaccines and still await detailed data.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, there are more than 97 million new coronavirus infections worldwide and more than 2 million deaths.

Israelis diagnosed after being vaccinated

Israeli Army Radio quoted Israeli head of anti-epidemic work, Nachman Ash, as saying that the single-dose Pfizer/BioNtech vaccine does not seem to be as good as expected, nor is it as good as Pfizer claims.

Ash said that many people were infected with the new coronavirus between the first and second shots.

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