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Global warming: what is eco-friendly sex? Can it help slow climate change? – BBC News Thai

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When people think of ways to reduce carbon emissions into the atmosphere. Hardly anyone thinks that sex is a factor.

But lately, there has been an increasing number of Internet searches for more environmentally friendly products, such as vegan condoms. or contraceptive products that will not cause waste

What is eco-friendly sex?

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Dr. Eckeen Shem Olu

Dr. Eddenik Eckeen Shem Ollu An environmental sustainability scientist from Nigeria says that for some people environmentally friendly sex means choosing lubricants, sex toys, bed linens and condoms. that has little impact on the world for the other group She said it was about thinking about how the porn production would have a less impact on the people working in the industry and the environment.

Dr Eckenshemollu said the two samples were all weighted and important.

The UN Population Fund estimates that about 10 billion condoms are produced annually. And most of it was disposed of in landfills. That’s because most condoms are made of synthetic latex. and various chemicals that cannot be recycled

Sheep condoms, used since Roman times, are the only compostable condoms. But such a condom, which is made from sheep’s intestines. Sexually transmitted diseases cannot be prevented.

Many lubricants are made from petroleum oil. That means there’s fossil fuel in it, and lately it’s been a popular choice for water-based or organic lubricants. or natural products that do not contain any contaminants

However, those wishing to use these alternative lubricants should do some research first, as some environmentally sound products cannot be used with condoms as they can cause condoms to leak.

In addition, people who use plastic sex toys may turn to steel or glass ones instead. And there is also a rechargeable model. No Charcoal Currently, solar powered sex toys are also available for purchase.

How can we reduce waste?

There are other aspects of sex that, if we modify it a bit, can help reduce waste. Whether it’s buying underwear and clothes that are made with environmentally friendly production processes. Avoid having sex in the shower. Use less hot water including not leaving the lights on

Lauren Singer, New York-based business owner and influencer of the concept of zero-waste, says what big companies can do is think about reducing the amount of packaging and cartoning of their products. myself Whether it’s a condom, lubricant, or daily contraceptive pill. That will eventually end up in landfills.

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Since 2012, Lauren has lived a life of zero waste.

IUD or IUD (Intrauterine device) or birth control pills It is another option that will cause less waste. But they each have their own drawbacks.

Since 2012, Lauren has lived a life of zero waste. And she’s kept everything she couldn’t recycle in a glass jar ever since.

But in these jars Condoms were not included because Lauren urges all sex workers to get tested for STIs first.

However, she said people should not avoid using condoms because they want to reduce waste. Because nothing is as unsustainable as an accidental pregnancy. or to get infected with sexually transmitted diseases

reproductive effects

A 2017 study showed that living without a car would save 2.3 tonnes of CO2 a year, while eating a plant-based diet would save 0.8 tonnes of CO2 a year. If you live in a developed country Not having children will save 58.6 tons of CO2 per year.

Many famous people have spoken about this issue. like Prince Harry Duke of Sussex He told Vogue in 2019 that he and Meghan The Duchess of Sussex, the consort, will have no more than two heirs for environmental reasons.

Now, in many countries around the world the birth rate is declining. But it cannot be said that climate change is the only factor in this trend that has been going on for decades.

will have no children

Many have decided not to have children for environmental reasons, as Tanmay Chinde, who lives in Mumbai in India, said he would not have children unless big changes were made to help reduce carbon and stop global warming.

image source, Tanmay Shinde


Than My Chinde

He said his family didn’t understand why he made this decision. Because when married, having children is very important. And he admits that he is still more fortunate than Indian women to face more pressure on this issue.

Professor Kimberly Nicholas, a professor at Lund University in Sweden He was one of the researchers who found that children in developed countries are responsible for high levels of carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Saying that I don’t want to say that people shouldn’t have children. Because this is a personal right. “What I’m doing is working to keep the children born in a safe world and society.”

back to new york As someone who spends a third of his life without causing any waste. Lauren is still in two minds about having children.

The question she asked herself was, Is it possible to have children without causing any waste to the world?

“Will it be beneficial to the world as a whole? I can pass this value on to my children who will live longer than me. and aiming to create a better world?”

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