Globally, 77 million people are infected with COVID. “The Philippines” severe – 500,000 sick!

Globally, 77 million people are infected with COVID. “The Philippines” severe – 500,000 sick!

Worldwide, 77 million people are infected with COVID. – December 21, World Osmeters United States statistics website Report on the progress of the epidemic situation New coronavirus 2019 Causing COVID-19 that The cumulative number of cases increased to at least 77,152,017, of which 1,699,114 had died and 54,051,393 were cured.

Boxes containing the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine are prepared to be shipped at the McKesson distribution center in Olive Branch, Mississippi, U.S. December 20, 2020. Paul Sancya/Pool via REUTERS

For the 10 countries with the most infections, the number 1 was also United States With the cumulative number of patients 18,260,997 deaths, increasing to at least 324,849 people
Followed by India Found cumulative patients 10,056,248 deaths increased to 145,843 people.
Brazil The cumulative total number of infections was 7,238,600, and 186,764 died.
Russia Cumulative infections were found 2,848,377 people died at least 50,858 people.
France There were 2,473,354 patients accumulating, 60,549 deaths.

United Kingdom There were 2,040,147 cumulative infections found, 67,401 of which were killed.
Turkey There were 2,024,601 cumulative cases, 18,097 deaths.
Italy Accumulated illness increased to 1,953,185 people, 68,799 deaths.
Spain Cumulative infections 1,817,448 deaths 48,926 people
Argentina Accumulated 1,541,285 cases, 41,813 deaths

Worldwide, 77 million people are infected with COVID.

People wearing face masks and face shields as preventive measure against COVID-19 walk along a street market in Manila, Philippines, December 14, 2020. REUTERS/Lisa Marie David TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

For other ASEAN countries
Indonesia Ranked No. 1 in the region with a total of 664,930 infected people, at least 19,880 dead.
While Philippines At least 459,789 people were infected and 8,947 died.
Myanmar or Myanmar The number of infections accumulated 116,134, while the deaths increased to 2,443.
Malaysia The illness accumulated at 93,309, the constant deaths of 437.

Singapore A total of 58,422 people died, adding to at least 29.
Vietnam 1,413 people with HIV / AIDS have died, the same as 35.
Cambodia The cumulative patient was found to 362 people. No deaths were found.
Brunei The cumulative infection of 152 people died, the same 3 people.
and Lao PDR A total of 41 patients were found and no deaths were found.

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