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GM Korea opened to normalize management, basic pay’freeze’…only Kia remained

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GM Korea’s labor-management approves provisional agreement for labor union…
Kia Motors union’s basic wage increase of 120,000 won per month and overtime wage restoration demand
“Now’no labor = no wages’… the union’s bargaining power is weakened in the event of a strike”

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Ki-Rak Kim = The GM Korea union has entered the phase of normalization of management as it approved the provisional agreement for wage collective bargaining twice this year.

As the gist of GM Korea’s wage negotiations is a freeze of basic wages like Hyundai Motor Company, it is noteworthy how it will affect Kia Motors, which is the only domestic vehicle to strike a strike due to the wage negotiations.

◆ Like Hyundai Motors, GM Korea is also a basic class’freeze’

According to the labor and management of GM Korea, the union voted for 7774 members at the Bupyeong factory on the afternoon of the 18th, and 3,948 voted for and against this year’s collective cooperative meeting with 54.1%. Accordingly, the labor and management decided to hold a signing ceremony next week. The labor and management drew out the first provisional agreement last month, but on the 1st of this month, the union rejected it once in opposition in a vote for pros and cons.

Instead of freezing the basic salary, the labor and management came up with the first provisional agreement on conditions such as 3 million won in lump sum and incentives per person, 1 million won in special incentives for overcoming the corona crisis, and 500,000 won in encouragement for the settlement of a collective bargaining agreement. I decided to withdraw.

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In the 26th negotiations on the 10th, the last negotiation, the union demanded, “We are glad to solve the problem of compensation for damages. The issue of dismissal and the unfair disciplinary issue that occurred this year should also be actively considered.” “I don’t think it’s a matter to be dealt with by law. We decided to (withdraw) in consideration of the stability of labor-management relations in the case of hand-offering.

Accordingly, GM Korea President Kaher Kazem said to the union, “Thank you for the provisional agreement. We look forward to the conclusion of the provisional agreement so that we can progress together. We hope that the company and employees will cooperate together, and there may be disagreements, but to realize a common understanding. I hope.”

Earlier, the Hyundai Motors union also made a massive decision to freeze the basic pay considering the social and economic conditions such as Corona 19. The freeze of GM Korea’s basic pay is interpreted as the union’s concession to successive criticism from the Korea Development Bank and General Motors (GM) headquarters.

In the union strike, the KDB pointed out the delay in normalization of management, while GM was taking production volume as hostage, suggesting that future investments were withheld. In addition, there was no room for the management to do any more for the union. The opinion is that this is also due to the strike.

An official from GM Korea said, “The company is pleased to be able to finalize the labor-management negotiations in 2020 within the year.” “We are confident that we will continue to carry out the business normalization plan and start a stronger new year.” .

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Hyundai-Kia Motors headquarters in Yangjae-dong, Seoul [사진=뉴스핌DB]

◆ Production disruption of Kia Motors closes 40,000 units…

As GM Korea’s union agreed to the contract agreement, only Kia Motors’ executive partnership remained. Kia Motors is on a partial strike from last month to the 18th of this month, demanding an increase in basic salary.

Through a meeting for collective bargaining with the management in August, the labor union raised the basic salary by 120,000 won per month ▲ paid incentives to 30% of operating profit ▲ extended the retirement age from 60 to 65 years old ▲ produced key parts of electric and hydrogen vehicles at Kia Motors factory ▲ Overtime Restoration of the allowance ▲ The introduction of the labor director system is demanded.

On the other hand, the management is presenting a condition of freezing the basic salary due to Corona 19, ▲ performance incentives 100% + 1.2 million won ▲ 200,000 won for conventional gift certificates ▲ employee stock shares (in case of no strike). The company’s estimated cumulative production disruption due to the Kia strike is 40,000 units.

The automobile industry has pointed to the fact that the management preserved wages even after a strike. The reason is that even if you don’t work, there are rewards, and as a union, you go on strike.

An official of an automaker said, “In the past, you could receive wages even if you strike, but now, with’no labor = no wage’, the union’s bargaining power drops sharply when a strike occurs.” I am going,” he warned the union.

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Previously, the union of Renault Samsung Motors also secured the right to strike, but as the factory closed due to a decrease in exports, it seems that the strike is virtually impossible.

Until November of this year, Renault Samsung Motors exports were 19,222 units, down 77% compared to the same period last year. The Busan plant with an annual capacity of 300,000 units only produced 100,000 units. For this reason, it is working only early this month following last month, and it is decided to close at all on the 11th, 23rd, 24th, and 31st.

[서울=뉴스핌] Reporter Ki-rak Kim = From left, President of GM Korea Kaher Kazem, Kim Sung-gap, Chairman of GM Korea Labor Union, Roberto Lempel President of GM Technical Center Korea, and President Shin Young GM Technical Center Korea, Labor Union Branch. [사진=뉴스핌DB] 2020.11.25 [email protected]

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