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The Gmail Android app has a bar that shows mail, chat, space, and Meet icons when you open the app. As of September this year, the text label that appeared with this icon has been removed. recently,Added behavior to hide the bar when scrolling down the inbox and show it again when scrolling upShe has been.

Also, as an option to toggle display/not display by this scroll,[設定]>[全般設定]”Hide bottom navigation while scrolling” has been added to the item.

Gmail for Android changed the way the bottom bar appears

Hidden is checked and enabled by default, but by disabling it, the bar will continue to appear at the bottom even if you scroll your inbox. By the way, when you open an individual mail, the bottom bar will be hidden, so you need to return to the inbox once.


The text labels have also been removed to make them appear cleaner, and even if there are notifications for each, it will be easier to display and check the badges, so I think it changes good However, since this behavior itself is already implemented in the iOS app, the Android app seems to be delayed.

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