Go Min-jung “Is the Supreme Court ruling so important?” Debate… really?[어텐션 뉴스]

Let’s take a look at the news that received the most attention online today.

News Comment, reporter Kim Dong-bin is here. What news did you bring today?


The first news is ‘Build-up that became a comedy’.

During the last World Cup, there was a lot of talk about ‘build-up soccer’ by coach Bento.

Construction football refers to a football strategy that builds the ball development step by step to attack.

In addition, Democratic Party lawmaker Ko Min-jung became controversial after asking a ‘construction question’ in a way to build one step on a question to the government of the National Assembly today (6th).

He had the scene where Rep. Go asked Justice Minister Han Dong-hoon, “Is the Supreme Court’s decision important?” criticize it by spreading it online.

Reporter Yoon Chang-won
In response to this question, booing poured out of the ruling party, and an embarrassed minister said, “What do you mean by that?”

Then I ended the inquiry.

So online, there was a debate saying, ‘What kind of question is this?’

The answer to ‘Is the Supreme Court’s decision important?’ like asking a natural question like no other.

In fact, Congressman Koh’s question was intended to emphasize that ‘the importance of the Supreme Court’s decision is important without needing to be mentioned in a democratic country’.

Representative Ko also asked Foreign Minister Park Jin, “Do you respect the Supreme Court ruling that recognized the liability of Japanese companies for compensation to victims of forced labor?”

He continued, “The question ‘Is the decision of the Supreme Court important’ is a question which means that all of us, the opposition parties and the opposition parties, cannot stop laughing.

In order to criticize the Yoon government’s answer to the forced labor issue, which contradicts the Supreme Court ruling on forced labor, I asked, “Does the Supreme Court ruling matter?”

Rep. drew. Ko also commented, “If Yoon Seok-yeol’s government decides to overturn the Supreme Court ruling to solve forced labor, it will be ridiculed by all the people.”


What’s next?


random newsrandom news
The next news is ‘the unique benefits of the 1st new city’.

The 1st new city, which the government is promoting to rebuild. Bundang, Ilsan, Jungdong, Pyeongchon, and Sanbon announced special cases that completely exempt or relax safety inspections.

The floor area ratio, a key variable that influences the construction business, will also be significantly reduced by up to 500%.

In the case of remodeling, it was decided to increase the number of homes allowed for vertical expansion from the 15% applied to general remodeling complexes so that additional homes can be secured.

As if aware of the equity debate, the government opened the special cases to old planned cities throughout the country except the 1st new city.

This is the main content of the ‘Special Law on Maintenance and Support to a Planning City of Age’ to promote the maintenance of the new city 1st, which was unveiled by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport today (7th).

Perhaps because it was such an unconventional measure for the new 1st city, there were mixed reactions online.

Some argued ‘Isn’t it too much preferential treatment for the 1st new town?’

The response to the comments is also clear, saying, “The 386 generations of the middle class, who have benefited the most from the 1st new city, will once again live in a progressive new city and increase their assets .”

There was also a response that ‘skipping the safety diagnosis is nonsense’.

On the contrary, there was also a view that ‘the supply will expand and help to stabilize or lower house prices’.

In addition, if the floor area ratio is 500%, there was a reaction like, ‘Isn’t it the level of a chicken coop?


What about the latest news?


random newsrandom news
The latest news is ‘a selection of the first female submarine crew member in history’.

After the commissioning of the first submarine in 1993, the wall of the submarine, which had been for men only for 31 years, was breached.

This is because the Navy has announced that it is entering the selection process for submarine crew members.

On the 2nd, Naval Headquarters ordered all units to publish a plan to recruit female submarine crew members.

The recruitment targets are officers with the ranks of lieutenant and captain and non-commissioned officers under the age of 35.

The fact that female soldiers can be stationed under submarines is largely thanks to the state-of-the-art submarines.

It is said that the 1200-1800t submarines in operation at the time of 2014, when the review of the female military deployment began, could not be placed separately due to limited space.

However, the 3,000-tonne medium submarine, which has doubled in size, may reflect the design with female soldiers in mind.

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