Go Se-won’s ex-girlfriend’s body image should be deleted… Checking agency

Go Se-won’s privacy controversy ‘ignites’ again
Ex-girlfriend: “I asked him to delete the video, but he threatened to sue me”

Actor Go Se-won / Photo = Reporter Choi Hyuk

A netizen claiming to be actress Go Se-won’s ex-girlfriend has again revealed her private life.

On the 5th, Go Se-won’s agency, Hunus Entertainment, told Hankyung.com, “We are confirming the relevant information with you.”

A, who identified herself as Go Se-won’s ex-girlfriend, revealed her private life in November 2021, saying, “I was abandoned after I got pregnant and had a miscarriage.”

At the time, Go Se-won said, “I have caused concern over bad things,” and said, “I will take responsibility for what I am responsible for.”

Person A posted an exposing article again after 8 months. He tried to confirm that he had deleted a video of a part of his body from Go Se-won’s cell phone, but he was unable to verify it because Go Se-won had blocked him.

Person A claimed that Go Se-won said, “If the video is leaked, you have to immigrate.” “Celebrity cell phones are hacked, and even if they are deleted at a dealership, everything is restored.”

He continued, “Every time I asked Go Se-won to delete it, he lied to the end that he did, and without doing so, there are dozens of videos that Go Se-won has.”

Mr. A said, “After Go Se-won cut off contact with one text message, he sent a text message requesting to confirm the deletion of the video for 4 months. Afterwards, he said that he was unable to work because of me and the damage was severe. He said that he would file a civil and criminal lawsuit without leniency and agreement.”

He continued, “Everything is traumatic and I live with psychiatric drugs. I want to be freed from the anxiety that my videos may be leaked.” Please confirm it,” he said.

By Kim Ye-rang, reporter at Hankyung.com yesrang@hankyung.com

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