“Go Theerasak” is a very heavy grandson in the form of an oppa. Take care of yourself with your hands, Push into the industry.

this work “Go Theerasak” out cheering for every activity my dear grandson has done for him “Korn Nattawat Ratchatanich” inHe is the biological child of his sister, who is only 21 years old, but has extraordinary abilities. Along with a handsome face, white, height 193 cm. Oppa mood, who is currently filming the series House of Stars, Pan Dao Institute, The Series will also be broadcast on Channel ONE.

and most recently, entertainment reporters like Kom Chad Luek “Pakphawit” Had the opportunity to talk, say hello and meet the real person nearby. I can tell you that he is going to be beautiful in the entertainment industry.

Because not only filming a series, the Chanapatana Institute presents the best designers. The owner of the PALLIN brand was given the opportunity to walk Show another talent at BANGKOK INTERNATIONAL FASHION WEEK 2022 and this is the first walk that Khun Aunty Yang Ko took care of, sending encouragement and cheering on the edge of the stage. Also, posted via Instagram as well. It’s encouraging… and follow and support your sister. For anyone who wants to find out more, is there a clear entertainment? it will not bring information to know including opening the warp

Name- Surname Nattawat Ratchatanich
Kor’s nickname
Weight-Height 74,193
Blood type A
Study Education at the Thai-Japanese Institute
Hobbies: Playing football, watching movies, planting trees, cooking
Favorite food: Japanese food
Favorite color: black, white
Sports played: football, basketball, skateboarding, etc.
Personality: Friendly, funny, problem solving.
Definition of self If you try to do something, you must do it.

Hmmm … the shape, appearance, many abilities, as well as a person who pushes as Experienced in the industry for a long time Kom Chad Luek Entertainment believes that your grandchildren will go far.

For the given warp You can follow us at nattawatchorn.

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