Go to see Keanu Reeves made by Unreal Engine 5 in “The Hacker Mission Awakens”

The Matrix Awakens

In order to create momentum for the new film “The Matrix Resurrections”, the film crew teamed up with Epic Games to create a brand new “The Matrix Awakens”, an Unreal Engine 5 experience that can be used by PS5 and Xbox Series X/S players see how Neo’s world can be presented on the console. “How do we determine what is real?” In the short 15-second trailer, the digital Keanu Reeves sent you a soul torture.

Regardless of the part that is linked to the movie, “The Hacker Mission Awakens” may also be the first time many people have the opportunity to truly see the power of the UE5 engine. If you have the corresponding host on hand, you can already start pre-loading, and the experience will be available for free after the TGA on December 10th.


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