[GOAL 김천] Coach Go Jeong-woon, who won first place in the ‘9 games undefeated’, “Do well what the players asked for”

[골닷컴, 김천] Reporter Lee Jung-bin = Head coach Go Jeong-woon laughs in an important match for first place. Gimpo FC, who went unbeaten in the opening 9 games, took the lead.

Gimpo won 2-0 in an away match in the 10th round of Hana 1 QK 2 League 2 2023 against Kim Cheon Sangmu held at Gimcheon Sports Complex at 1:30pm on the 30th. Goals from Pablo and Luis gave Gimpo 3 points on the road.

Coach Go Jeong-woon, who won the match, entered the press conference with a smile. Coach Go said, “The players strategically did what the coach asked them to do. Kim Cheon is a team whose strength is an individual part. I said I shouldn’t give a place to face that team, but it was well done.”

He continued, “During the winter training period, I played practice games with the K3 and K1 teams, and the results were better with the K1 team than the K3 team. He added that the winning factor was that he was playing the game while thinking about the battery training.”

The atmosphere of Gimpo, who ran an unbeaten streak of 9 games, pierces the air. Director Go said, “The atmosphere is good. The more you play, the better your organization becomes. However, it is premature to talk about play-offs and championships,” he said. “Soon there will be a match against Seongnam. You never know when an organization might fall apart. The coach’s role is to remain nervous and improve it through training.”

The game runs smoothly, but there are still some glitches. Coach Go expressed regret for the detailed play. Director Goh said, “We have to refine it in the details. Do what you want, no supervision required. Some regret it, but my duty is to make a good team and a good player by making the most of what the players do well.”

Coach Goh is a coach who speaks louder than any other coach during the game. During the post-match press conference, his throat was hoarse. In response, he said, “I talk a lot in the technical field compared to other directors,” and “As a manager, you can do more than this. The players don’t hate that part and practice in good, so it’s good for my neck to rest all the time.”