‘Goal Strikers’ canceled on the 29th due to allegations of editing… Season 1 aftermath

‘Girls Hitting Goals’ canceled on the 29th due to allegations of editing manipulation… Season 1 aftermath (Photo=SBS)

It is known that the manipulation of the scoring order of SBS sports entertainment ‘Girls Hitting Goals’ continued not only in the recent broadcast but also in Season 1.

SBS released a statement on the 27th, saying, “As a result of self-investigation of all matches in seasons 1 and 2, the order of goal gain and loss in some episodes was found to be different from what was actually broadcast.”

SBS said, “In connection with the editorial controversy, we have decided to immediately replace the producer and director in charge and take disciplinary procedures.”

He also emphasized, “No matter how many entertainment programs prioritize the value of fun, changing the order of goals and losses is beyond the allowable range.”

He also bowed his head repeatedly, saying, “In the new year of 2022, I will be reborn as a more sincere sports entertainment and return to the viewers.” .

The suspicion of manipulating the scoring sequence of ‘Goal Hitting Girls’ first surfaced in the match between FC Gucheok Tall and FC Wonder Woman in Season 2, which aired on the 22nd.

Since then, suspicions have been raised that similar manipulations have been carried out in other matches.

As a result, ‘Goal Woman Season 2’, which was scheduled to air on the 29th, will be canceled.


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