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Goat was found for snatching 15 million diamonds and sued the owner of the shop. Free jail time for more than 7 months

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24 Nov 2021 08:31 a.m.

Goat in the case of snatching diamonds 15 million. Grilled chicken merchant in Nakhon Phanom is jailed for free for almost 8 months Revealed to be compensated with only ten thousand. despite losing everything difficult family incarcerated without guilt

On November 24, the progress of A grilled chicken merchant from Nakhon Phanom, who became famous in December 2016, was sentenced to seven months and 10 days in prison until later his wife went to ask for justice with the Ministry of Justice for help. Until the court dismissed the lawsuit in 2018, in the case of a 65-year-old owner of a diamond shop, Ja, who allegedly contacted and asked to buy diamonds and snatched or ran a diamond worth 15.8 million baht out of a rented house in Bang Sao Thong in the area. Bangkok

Mr Pisit Suwanpim revealed that after being accused of stealing or running diamonds worth 15 million baht, he served him in prison for almost 8 months before the court dismissed the case later, most recently on November 23, 2021 time. 09.00 hrs. He and his wife went to the Thonburi Criminal Court, Bangkok again, but this time as the plaintiff. or the victim In a lawsuit claiming damages from the owner of the diamond shop who accused him of stealing the diamonds. therefore demanding fairness in what he has done to us that gave us captivity and hardship, lost everything. later proved to be innocent. That is, he accused us of stealing his diamonds worth 15 million 8 hundred thousand baht.

“Fighting our case costs money, wife travels back and forth. Nakhon Phanom – Bangkok I have to pay for travel expenses, living expenses, food expenses, personal expenses that I have been in prison again. It must also cost money in gold. Kai Yang restaurant did not sell and had to borrow his debts again. If we prove ourselves innocent now is that we would like to ask him to prove his own what he did to us accused us of snatching 15 million baht of diamonds. We have proven ourselves that we are innocent. Now we will sue some back to him. will let you come in and clear things up with us where is our reputation It’s all gone. Our children will go to school and be embarrassed by their friends. We will rise up and fight until the end. will come to heal us for ten thousand We do not request Probably let it be a step for the court to decide the lawsuit, then fight each other. It’s already damaged. Let’s fight the case until the end,” Mr Phisit said.

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