GoBioLabs and Kakao develop practical microbiome-based solution |

Kobio Lab announced on the 28th that it has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Kakao Healthcare for a comprehensive business alliance.

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Ko Bio Lab CEO Go Gwang-pyo (left) and Kakao Healthcare CEO Hwang Hee (right) take pictures at Kakao Healthcare headquarters. (Photo courtesy of Ko Bio Lab)

Through this memorandum of understanding, the two companies intend to seek businesses related to precision medicine and personalized nutrition solutions that apply microbiome technology. In addition, they decided to collaborate with each other to increase user accessibility and create various related value-added businesses by introducing a differentiated digital healthcare bio-platform using Kobio Lab’s data and expertise.

KoBio Labs expected to be able to provide elegant and sophisticated solutions in personal healthcare by combining its knowledge and data with the technology of Kakao Healthcare’s digital platform. Kakao Healthcare is a leading player in expanding the digital healthcare ecosystem and actively collaborates with hospitals and major healthcare companies.

An official from Kobio Labs said, “By combining Kakao Healthcare’s mobile technologies, artificial intelligence and medical knowledge with the microbiome platform technology and knowledge that Kobio Labs has accumulated over the years, it is a personal digital healthcare bio with international. competitiveness. We expect to be able to present a solution.”


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