‘Goblin’ Ziyang, Kwak Yoongi and Oking also surprised monthly earnings disclosure?

The ‘hot’ creators who captured the hearts of millions of subscribers visit the goblin world.

In Watcha’s original entertainment show ‘Goblin Who Steals Wisdom’, which will be released on the 28th, the best creators with over 1 million subscribers on the YouTube channel appear and spread the wisdom of extraordinary success to YouTuber dreamers.

On this day, the goblins will meet Kwak Yoon-gi, a short track speed skater and creator, Ziyang, the queen of mukbang who digests an enormous amount of food with a slender body, and O-King, a creator who boasts a high number of views with his sensible talk. The three of them, like ‘hot tubers’ who run their own channels, receive the attention of goblins with their natural hosting skills and witty talk that is second to none of the entertainers.

In particular, Kwak Yoon-gi boasts the qualities of a ‘heavenly born MC’ and emits unusual talents, such as shivering, saying, “I couldn’t sleep because of the increase in the number of subscribers, not because of the games in the Olympic season.” In addition, he is also said to openly reveal his thoughts about the gaze of those around him for his glamorous styling, which is not like an athlete.

In addition, Oking caused laughter by revealing that he thought “history was written” when he received the ‘Silver Button’ after reaching 100,000 subscribers. He says he takes special pride in his job as a YouTuber, and he makes the tongues of goblins stick out with infinite energy, and he gets applause by showing his specialty knee dance. Ziyang also stimulates interest by saying that he will learn Oking’s knee dance technique as a special move to become a 10 million YouTuber.

Boasting a whopping 6 million subscribers and proving a unique class, Ziyang introduces her growing up, starting with little fun and writing a legend in the mukbang world. Ziyang answers “No” after a long silence to the question “Do you think you succeeded?”, making people tilt their heads. After that, when the estimated monthly revenue of Ziyang’s YouTube channel became known, the scene fell into a big shock, and even Kwak Yoon-gi and Oking couldn’t keep their mouths shut. I wonder why Ziyang, who is envied by everyone, is unable to acknowledge her success.

Yang Se-chan, ‘The Yangkkaebi’, pours profanity when his YouTube channel’s expected earnings are released at an absurdly low amount, causing people to crawl around. He then complained of injustice, saying that he could be honest. In the midst of this, ‘Yongkkaebi’ Lee Yong-jin, who started out as a YouTube dreamer, targets a niche market and promotes his own channel.

In addition, the story of the many frustrations and tears experienced by the three hottest people on YouTube until they reached the top will be revealed.

‘Goblin Stealing Wisdom’ will be released on Watcha at 5 pm on the 28th.

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photo| Watcha

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