‘God of Military Service’ recording file “up to 100 million won depending on difficulty”

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A broker who helped obtain a military exemption by making him act as if he had epilepsy, that is, epilepsy, was arrested by the prosecution.

This broker received up to 100 million won in money depending on the so-called military exemption difficulty.

This is reporter Kim Sang-hoon.

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This is a portal site expert consultation section where you introduce yourself as a ‘military service god’.

It is openly advertised as 100,000 has been earned for a simple document consultation related to a physical examination and 2 million has been earned for an unfitness for active duty service review.

There are hundreds of success stories like ‘I was on active duty, but I got the 4th grade’ and ‘I was finally exempted’.

The person known as the ‘god of military service’ is a 46 year old former military researcher.

In the actual counseling recording obtained by MBC, Mr. Goo is confident of being exempted from military service.

[구 모 씨 / 병역 브로커 (지난 5월 상담)]

“Wouldn’t there be information? It’s 3,000 to 5,000 (ten thousand won) on the condition of excluding from the 5th degree military. We also have all the data of celebrities and other people like that.”

Secretly presenting a ‘special scenario’ saying you can get a military exemption within a year.

[구 모 씨 / 병역 브로커 (지난 5월 상담)]

“Usually, an exception comes between 6 and 12 months. If you are diagnosed with ‘this disease’, take medicine, take a copy of the medical record, and bring it back to the Ministry of Military Manpower for re -examine…”

It is to be diagnosed by repeatedly delaying the symptoms of epilepsy, but aimed at the fact that epilepsy is not clearly identified even by ultrasound examination.

[김정환 / 변호사]

“Now, collapse for no reason. So, in that state of collapse, take an ambulance to a certain hospital and explain which person had the symptoms…”

As a result of the comment, it was confirmed that another man in his 30s who was actually enlisted in active duty was exempted from military service this year with the help of Mr Goo.

The money the man paid Mr Goo in exchange for a military exemption was 14 million won, and the prosecution’s investigation found that he received 100 million won when the difficulty was relatively close to level 1, or when he helped re-examine several times revealed.

The Seoul South District Prosecutor’s Office, which has formed a joint investigation team with the Ministry of Military Manpower, is arresting Mr. Goo and prosecuting one additional broker, while expanding the investigation into famous volleyball players who have received counseling to avoid military service.

This is Kim Sang-hoon from MBC News.

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