God of War (2018), announced for PC release on January 15, 2022, supports the latest features such as 21:9 and DLSS

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced that God of War (2018), which was released in 2018 and swept the Best Game of the year, will be released on PC.

Announced through the official PlayStation blog, the announcement was about improvements on the PC.

According to the developer Santa Monica Studio, the PS4 version of God of War has sold 19.5 million copies by August 2021. said it would

In addition, like the PC version of the game, various graphic presets are provided, fine adjustment is possible, improved shadow resolution, screen space reflection, and ambient occlusion pipeline using GTAO and SSDO. The PC version of God of War has impressive visual quality. announced that it will be presented.

In particular, it supports Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS), one of NVIDIA’s latest upscaling performance security technologies, and also supports Reflex low-latency technology to secure high frames and experience fast responsiveness when using RTX graphics cards, resulting in stronger and faster attack combos. mentioned that it can be done.

In addition, 21:9 ultra-wide screen, DualShock 4 support, DualSense and various controllers will be supported, and keyboard and mouse mapping and customization are also available.

Meanwhile, this God of War PC version has been confirmed to be released on January 15, 22.



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