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‘Goddess Advent’ Meow writer, meaningful writing… “I just need to be quiet”

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‘The Goddess Advent’ Meow wrote a meaningful article.

On the 12th, the artist Meow wrote in his Instagram story, “I want to clarify the unfair part because I am a person too. But there are a lot of times I just have to hold it. I only need to be quiet.”

He added, “I’m still not used to this, but will it be okay if I get older? I think the path to becoming an adult seems to be a long way,” he added.

Meow writer said on his SNS on the 22nd of last month, “If you don’t positively make up your mind, you won’t be able to withstand it, so even if you try not to think badly, you’ll notice every day and have extreme thoughts.” It seems like it seems, it seems to be a nuisance to the surroundings, and everyone will be happy without me.”

On the 23rd of last month, on the 23rd of the month, he posted a meaningful article on the Instagram story, “Whenever the pressure is strong, it’s a little hard to get out of it and it’s hard to confess. Thank you for comforting me like this, and I have to work hard again.”

The meow writer gained popularity with Naver’s popular webtoon’The Goddess Advent’. It was also produced as a tvN drama of the same name. He is in a public relationship with writer Jeon Jeon-wook who is serializing the webtoon’Free Draw’, and on February 16th, he confessed that he was a’single mom’ and received support.


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