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The other day, GOG, which distributed “I Have no Mouth, and I Must Scream,” a video game of Harlan Ellison’s short story, created the new base construction survival action “The Riftbreaker,” “X-” from EXOR Studios. Morph: Defense Complete Edition ”(complete version that includes the main story and 4 types of DLC) is now available for free for 48 hours.

Free distribution of “X-Morph: Defense”, which combines tower defense and twin stick shooter, is until 11:00 pm on December 29th.

The top-down shooter and tower defense strategy are a unique fusion. Become an extraterrestrial, X-Morph, invade the Earth and steal its resources. It’s up to you to plan your strategy in construction mode and choose different types of alien towers carefully or put yourself in a fierce battle. Strategy and build a maze at will to welcome the invading enemies. Destroy buildings, break bridges to help defend, and immerse yourself in the sight of unprecedented destruction. With a number of unique alien weapons, develop a defense strategy like never before in this genre.

Your purpose is to protect the X-Morph fighter from the oncoming human race. Enemies attack each phase, so the key is to check the type of enemy and prepare for the attack. There is no time limit for this setup phase, so players can plan their defenses carefully, start combat immediately and rush to deploy towers, and much more. One of the features of this work is that you can place the tower at almost any position on the map, and you can connect the tower and the tower with a laser fence to stop the enemy’s progress. There is plenty of freedom, and players can build many basic towers and arrange them like a maze, or arrange only towers that specialize in advanced attacks. There are various types of advanced towers, such as the Flame Tower, which excels at destroying ground units, the Battery Tower, which excels at attacking slow enemy units attacking in large numbers, and the Air Laser. We specialize in shooting down heavy bombers.

X-Morph fighters can attack enemies with various types of weapons. Let’s transform the aircraft into 4 different forms and make full use of special attacks. Each form has both a normal attack and a special charge attack. Plasma Fighters are the most universal shape and are good at destroying both air and ground enemies. Dark Matter Bomber specializes in attacking ground units all at once, and can fire dark matter bombs that can slow down time or even destroy buildings. Shredder Fighters are good at aerial combat and can attack a large number of aerial units at once. And Laser Destroyer is good at attacking large units and has a gravity device that can suck in small enemy units. With a wide variety of weapons, enemies, and destructible environments, this game is sure to bring you a truly royal arcade shooter experience.

The stage environment of this work is carefully constructed in detail, and most objects can be destroyed, from small fences to huge skyscrapers. Any bridge or building on the stage can be destroyed according to the laws of physics of reality. This vandalism is more than just a visual effect, it has a significant impact on the layout of the battlefield. This dynamic stage environment, laser fences, and real-time calculated enemy behavior will give you a unique playing experience.

Mankind is desperate to protect their planet, and the bigger the building, the bigger the military mecha can challenge X-Morph. Each boss battle has its own unique content, and it is a large-scale battle that destroys a big city.

X-Morph: Defense includes a split-screen co-op mode, with different scenarios for each mission dedicated to co-op. Team play is indispensable for defeating enemies attacking on a large scale. Co-op mode allows you to play in a variety of styles, with the key being sharing work, such as one player concentrating on tower placement while the other attacking powerful enemies.



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