Going concern, value stocks continue to dominate Corporate financial results = Tokyo stock market next week | Reuters

Next week’s Tokyo stock market is expected to move up and down. Photo taken by TSE in October 2020 (2022 Reuters / Kim Kyung-Hoon)

[Tokyo 7th Reuters]–Next week, the Tokyo stock market is expected to move up and down. Although there is a strong sense of caution about the US monetary tightening and the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus, it is expected to support the stock price if the financial results of Yaskawa Electric and retail companies are favorable. In terms of physical properties, it is likely that value stocks will continue to dominate as long-term US interest rates rise.

The expected range of the Nikkei average is 28,000 yen to 29,200 yen.

The market is wary of the early normalization of monetary policy by the US Federal Reserve (FRB), and there are changes in the growth stock market.

Katsuhiko Nakamura, senior technical analyst at Mizuho Securities, said, “Japanese stocks have a weak impression when looking at the Nikkei average, but TOPIX is holding up, and one of the value stocks such as automobile parts stocks and financial stocks, which had been delayed until now, is firmly in place. It is a movement that has been made. “

The Nikkei average continues to fall on the Tokyo Stock Exchange on the 7th. Since the yen plunged to 844 yen the day before, autonomous repulsion was expected, but it became a selling advantage again. The NT ratio, which is the Nikkei average divided by TOPIX, is 14.27 times, which has been on a downward trend since the beginning of the new year, which is a difficult situation for the Nikkei average, which has a high composition ratio of high-tech stocks.

Next week, in addition to Yaskawa Electric, corporate financial results such as Aeon, Seven & i Holdings, Saizeriya, and Fast Retailing will continue. With the number of new infections of the new coronavirus in Japan rapidly increasing, there is a high possibility that economic activities will be restricted again, and management’s comments and business outlook will be the focus of attention.

In the market, “Yaskawa Electric’s financial results, which are positioned as a touchstone for predicting trends in the manufacturing industry, are attracting attention. If solid financial results are confirmed, Japanese stocks may temporarily rise.” (Domestic There was a voice saying (securities).

Overseas, economic indicators such as the December consumer price index, retail sales, mining and industrial production in the United States, and the December trade balance in China will be released.