“Going far”, concerned that the Royal Thai Air Force does not allow him to campaign Election to repair Chatuchak – Lak Si

On January 18, Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat Leader of the Progressive Party Leading the team of candidates for MPs and MPs for Bangkok, the Progress Party, travel to meet the people at Pak Soi Vibhavadi 64 Market, Lak Si District, Bangkok to ask for support Petch-Mr. Khun Khunpol Thiansuwan, a candidate for the House of Representatives. Number 6, the Progressive Party joins the House of Representatives in District 9, Lak Si, Chatuchak, which will be held on Sunday, January 30, 2022.

Mr Phitha said he was glad that this week the council was finally open. because the party has stepped forward and has prepared an urgent motion for the House of Representatives about expensive products which in addition to helping the candidates to campaign therefore collecting data as well that anything will be presented to the government through a parliamentary mechanism

“The government’s solution to the high price problem has been very slow. And so far there have been little signs that inflation will make products more expensive. The problem arises as a consequence of the budget that the army budget should be converted to budget for the basic economy. Thailand to survive. Note that the ministerial campaign during the expensive problem. Unfortunately Instead, the government used that moment to talk about policies for solving economic problems. Instead, spend time attacking each other and would like to leave it to the ministers of the two ministries, namely the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, the Ministry of Commerce. to not neglect the people during the difficult times Election is a request for trust and meet the needs of the people. It might not be the period when you want to get one more representative. to the question that the results of the election in Chumphon and Songkhla provinces affecting the election in Bangkok that is going to happen or not must understand that Each election different area contexts cannot be compared from other areas. The party moves forward, works as a team, has a perfect proportion of the old and the new, does not give up, but has increased morale. The Progressive Party is ready to fight in the Laksi District. to push Mr. Khunphol Thiansuwan to enter the council

“From meeting and talking with people from Laksi and Chatuchak people more often. We hear more and more echoes that we are disgusted by the government. which we will try to solve problems for the people ready to present the policy for the government to solve the problem together”

Mr. Phitha said that the Progressive Party is still preparing to bring the issue to discuss at the meeting of the opposition parties. To submit a no-confidence motion under Article 152, it is expected to be filed this week. Such people can fight with Mr. Chatchart Sitthiphan and Mr Suchatvee. Suwansawat definitely

“For the election now It must be said that it is entering the final curve. We will have to work harder, more elaborately, and hold the Progressive Party’s grand speech. On Saturday, January 22, at the Sena Nikhom 2 courtyard, we will be in the hearts of the people as much as possible for the remainder of the period,” he said.

While Mr. Khun Khunphon mentioned the progress in the case of submitting a request for permission from the Royal Thai Army. went into the campaign that received a response that There is only one progressive party. requesting to vote No other party has asked to enter. Therefore, it is still not allowed and stated that it is an advantage of other parties, which he considers the opening of public areas. Which party will enter the campaign is a democratic right. not an advantage If any party considers it disadvantageous, they can apply for admission as well. It’s not about waiting together because the army isn’t in charge of organizing a debate. But if we’re going to arrange it, we’re ready.

“If you wait for all parties to go to the polls until the election day Probably won’t go in. The party has advanced, has a clear policy of reforming the army. You don’t have to wait for other parties to be ready. The military itself should not rule out opportunities for your personnel to listen to our policies. We need a modern army, professional soldiers, we offer increased military welfare. reduce the number of generals and abolishing military conscription The army should have a duty to support democracy under the prime minister’s command. It’s not closing the door to democracy with a pretense that doesn’t sound like this,” Khun Khunpol said.



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