Going far, installing ‘Pitha’, party list number 1, suggesting ‘Prayut’ to apply for MPs, revealing about ‘Lawyer Ken’ not moving forward

‘Rome’ reveals ‘going far’, placing ‘Pitha’, party list number 1 to win the Prime Minister, suggests ‘Big Tu’ to apply for MPs, follow the path to capture the People’s Democratic Party.

On March 27, the Kao Klai Party (Kor. Kor.) Rangsiman Rome Mr A spokesperson for the ACT party spoke about the case. General Prayut Chan-o-cha The prime minister is not on the list of possible candidates. List of Sang Ruam Thai Chart Party MPs (RTC) who are for the party The committee places importance on the fact that the prime minister must bring MPs along the journey Because it is a principle that comes from the people’s struggle in May 1992 which sacrificed the lives of many people to confirm this principle. until it was included in the 1997 constitution that the prime minister must be an MP

Mr Rangsiman said But the 2017 constitution came from the dictatorship Instead, destroy the people’s struggle and destroy this principle. The only thing left is for each party to nominate 3 candidates for the First Minister who are not MPs, so to pull society back on its legitimacy again. All prime ministerial candidates also need to be an MP. Pita Limjaroenrat Mr The party leader is in first place on the party list. to build a political party that is a strong political organization in the future

when asked about the cause Tyranon Viengtham Mr or Attorney Ken What is the progress of the former Phrae MP candidates, ACT who suffered a fatal car accident? Mr Rangsiman said the day of Mr Phitha’s cremation and the leader of the party The committee that attended the ceremony went to follow the case to the local police station. But he got no reply back. In addition, he had previously liaised with the superintendent of the local police station. Please hurry to follow up on this matter. in order to give justice to Mr. Tiranon and his family, which is the compensation that everyone should receive But still no answer either.

Mr Rangsiman said from the latest information he received Officers have not ruled out the possibility that the incident was not an accident, but ACT will continue to monitor progress.

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