Going forward with the launch of “Focus Jirakun” sitting as an advisor for the Bank of Games and e-sports ⁣⁣

“Focus Jirakun” is a consultant at the Bank of Games and e-sports ⁣⁣ Discussion post clips “In the past, it was just at the Kiakkai intersection This time, he is already in Parliament. “

(December 3, 2020) Mr. Jirat Thongsuwan, MP Chachoengsao District 4, Kao Klai, announced the launch of a subcommittee on education for the software, games and esports industries The House of Representatives by Mr. Chirat as Chairman of the Sub-committee said the establishment of this sub-committee to drive and drive Thailand’s gaming industry and gaming industry.

The gaming industry has grown at all levels from entertainment activities to large businesses worth tens of millions of baht, generating income, career, opportunity and reputation for players. Thailand, we are ready for everything, including a large capital market. But the game industry is not growing as it should. Moreover, this industry is still growing alone. The government has some support, but it is not very direct. Causing Thailand to lose the opportunity to generate income

Including the perception of some society that still has an attitude towards the game industry as a sinful business. It undermines youth. It turns out that the game is a villain. And there have been accusations that games bring children and youth down the road. Which is a misunderstanding Therefore, this sub-committee of the House of Representatives We want to be a positive working committee. And have a positive attitude with youth and people in the Thai game industry

Mr. Jirat said that this subcommittee is made up of various individuals in the gaming industry. Both in the community, streamers, teachers, president of the association, etc. The goal is to study what is beneficial to the nation. Invite all stakeholders to provide information. Plus, we will use all the mechanisms we have to support and promote gaming businesses to receive direct support from the government. Create pride As well as generating income for people in the industry and the nation

In which the meeting of the sub-committee has Focus Jirakun Famous actor Which is interested and is a gamer Sitting as an advisor to this sub-committee as well

Later Mr. Natcha Bunchai Insawat Party spokesperson Has revealed photos of the meeting via Facebook in conjunction with Focus Jirakul and members of the faraway party Along with a caption “Working together for the first time”

On the focus, Jirakun has live on Facebook stating that “Take a tour of the new parliament ??? ** In the past, it was just at the Kiakkai intersection This time, I’m already in the parliament !! “

for Focus Jirakun She is a famous actress in the 2003 film My girlfriend in the role of “Noi Na”. Currently 27 years old. Film and Digital Media College of Social Communication Innovation Srinakharinwirot University


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