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Hajime Moriyasu, the coach of the Japanese national team, which faces the Qatar World Cup football tournament, attended the official press conference on the 30th for the third round of the first league match against Spain, saying, “It will be a serious game against the powerhouses of the world who have won the championship. I want to challenge the battle with happiness in what I can do,” he said enthusiastically.

In the first round of the Football World Cup in Qatar, Japan has a record of 1 win and 1 loss so far and will face Spain in their third match on December 1.

If they win, they will advance to the final round tournament for the second tournament in a row, but if they lose, they will be eliminated, and in the case of a tie, it will depend on the result of the match between Costa Rica and Germany, held at the same time.

On the 30th, the day before the game, Coach Moriyasu attended an official press conference with goalkeeper Gonda Shuichi.

Coach Moriyasu said, “It’s not going to be an important game, but if the players give 100% of what they usually do, the results will come. I’m happy to be able to compete against the strongest players in the world who have won the World Cup I want to challenge the battle,” he said enthusiastically.

In addition, Gonda said, “I was saved by Coach Moriyasu’s words, ‘We cannot change the past, but we can change the future with our own power.’ I was.

Captain Yoshida “Win and break through the first league”

Captain Maya Yoshida responded to the interview, “We lose to Costa Rica, but we haven’t lost anything yet. There is no change in what we need to do or in terms of feelings. In the game against Germany, when the opponent is in advance, we will set up a counterattack. I was able to do it, so I want to do it thoroughly.”

Moreover, he said, “In Japan, the game will be early in the morning, but the opponents are very strong, so we will not only play with the players, but we will work with everyone in Japan to win against. Spain and progress to the first round.”

In addition, forward Takuma Asano, who scored a reserve goal in the first game against Germany, said, “If we win, we will be able to move up the ladder, so we are going to put all of these. our efforts into it. We only have one day left, but we are going to prepare well to win.”

The match against Spain will start at 10:00pm local time on December 1st and 4:00am Japan time on December 2nd.

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