Gold market trends June 7, 2023 turning in a narrow range

It seems that foreign gold can go a long way. But Thai gold was crushed by the baht. gold market trends today swing in a narrow frame

Analysis of Gold Price Trends Hua Seng Heng Gold Futures Co, Ltd reported that gold prices are moving in a narrow range. Due to the lack of factors that affect the gold price The Fed is in the Blackout period, so Fed officials refrain from commenting. As the dollar strengthens and US bond yields stabilize, investors expect the Fed not to raise interest rates at its June meeting. After the United States released a number of economic data that indicated slowing inflation, the SPDR fund sold 1.45 tonnes of gold.

Economic numbers to follow

Tonight, the US will release its trade balance for April. The market is expected to have a deficit of $75.8 billion versus a deficit of $64.2 billion.

gold price trend

Today, gold prices are expected to move in a narrow range. Because there are rarely issues that affect gold prices. And the Fed is in the blackout period before the Fed meeting next week. Causing Fed officials to refrain from public comment from June 3-15, gold has short-term support at $1,940, which is the support of the 100-day moving average, and $1,930, which is the low point of the week. First, $1,970 resistance, which is the resistance of the 20-day moving average, and $1,980-1,983.

world gold price

  • Support 1940 and 1930 dollars
  • Resistance 1970 and 1980 dollars

96.5% gold bar price

  • Support 32,050 and 31,950 baht
  • Resistance 32,350 and 32,450 baht


  • Support 32,400 and 32,280 baht
  • Resistance 32,540 and 32,620 baht

investment advice

It is recommended to open a sell position around the price $1,970 (GF 32,540 baht) with a stop loss at $1,980 (GF 32,620 baht).


  • Support 1950 and 1940 dollars
  • 1980 and $1990 resistance

investment advice

It is recommended to open a sell position at the price $1,980 with a stop loss at $1,990.


  • Support 34.3 baht
  • Objection 35 baht

investment advice

The baht continued to depreciate. corresponding to the regional direction The baht is expected to depreciate further, with the USDM23 contract resisting 35 baht / dollar while having support at 34.3 baht / dollar.


  • Support $23.3
  • Resistance $24.2

investment advice

The price of silver falls After the price of silver rose in the previous week. It is expected that the price of silver metal may fall. SVFM23 contract opened at $24.2, support at $23.3 and resistance at $24.2.


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