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Gold price today – 10 Dec ’20 Open a falling market 250 baht: PPTVHD36

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The price of Thai gold today opened the market, led down to 250 baht, with the price of gold bullion sold out at 26,250 baht per baht, while the gold price of the jewelry sold at 26,750 baht

Baht appreciates quickly BOT closely monitor

“Golden Card” adds 6 new privileges, covering “Liver Transplant – Artificial Heart”

North-Isan cold weather. Top of the mountain frost in some areas. Bangkok evening in the morning

Dec 10, 2020, the Gold Trade Association reports the 1st “Thai Gold Price” at 9:26 am. Open the market, a drop of 250 baht. By the price of gold bars, buy 2 baht per baht6,150 baht, sold out, 26,250 baht, gold price, tax base, 25,923.60 baht, sold out, 26,750 baht per baht

New York gold futures fell to their lowest in more than a week last night (Dec. 9), pressured by the dollar’s appreciation. And US Treasury yields that rose last night. While investors still keep an eye on the progress of the US economic stimulus package.

The COMEX (Commodity Exchange) gold contract for February delivery fell $ 36.4, or 1.94 percent, to close at $ 1,838.5 an ounce. Which is the lowest closing level since Dec. 2 this year


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