Home Business Gold price today (26 Nov. 21) plus 100 baht. Items sold out at 28,950 baht.

Gold price today (26 Nov. 21) plus 100 baht. Items sold out at 28,950 baht.

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Today’s domestic gold price rose by 100 baht. Nui gold jewelry sold out at 28,950 baht. On the foreign side, gold moved in a narrow range. “Hua Seng Heng” is expected to fluctuate from $1,780-1,800.

gold trade association Announcing the gold price on the morning of November 26, 64, the 1st time, increased by 100 baht, resulting in 96.5% gold bars sold at 28,450.00 baht / gold baht and bought at 28,350.00 baht / gold baht, while 96.5% gold jewelry sold out at 28,950.00 baht / gold baht and buy at 27,833.76 baht / gold baht while the foreign gold price (Gold Spot) 24 hours ago Moved at $1,793.06/ounce, up $2.59 or 0.14%.

Hua Seng Heng Gold Futures Co. said spot gold prices yesterday moved in a narrow range between $1,785-$1,795 as US financial markets were closed. on thanksgiving day while the dollar continues to strengthen after the US economic numbers came out better than expected It is likely that the US Federal Reserve (Fed) will accelerate its QE rate cut and raise interest rates faster than expected. amid inflation concerns

In addition, the euro weakened against the dollar. Amid concerns about the spread of COVID-19 The World Gold Fund (SPDR Gold Trust) held the same amount of gold yesterday.

US financial markets are open for half a day, due to Black Friday, and the US has not released any key economic numbers tonight. Next week, follow the release of the Fed’s Beige Book summary of economic conditions in November and US nonfarm payrolls.

Spot gold is expected to move in the $1,780-1,800 range. Gold prices are expected to form a base at $1,770-$1,780, with resistance at $1,800 and $1,810, while support at $1,770 and $1,780.

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