Golden Goblet Award for best film “Northeast Tiger” finalized 1.14 Zhang Yu and Ma Li staged an absurd married

Source Title: Golden Goblet Award for Best Film “Northeast Tiger” Finalized 1.14 Zhang Yu and Ma Li staged an absurd married life

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Recently, the Chinese word-of-mouth masterpiece “Siberian Tiger” directed by Geng Jun and starring Zhang Yu, Ma Li, Zhang Zhiyong, Xu Gang, and Guo Yue was announced to be released nationwide on January 14, 2022. In the scheduled notice that was simultaneously exposed, the middle-aged couple encountered a marital crisis, which caused derailment and various crazy behaviors, reflecting the absurdity and helplessness in life. The poster saying “Society is simple, and people are complicated”, which expresses the complexity and fickleness of people’s hearts, making this farce even more confusing.

“Siberian Tiger” is produced by Beijing Letao Media. The founder of Blackfin and the young producer Wang Zijian, Fang Qianli and Xie Meng are co-producers, and Zhang Xianmin is the supervisor. The film won the Golden Goblet Award for Best Picture at the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival, and was hailed as a rare black humor masterpiece in recent years.

People’s hearts are complicated, and the truth is unpredictable——

Middle-aged couples encounter marital crisis

In the preview of this exposure, director Geng Jun uses the ice and snowy northeast town as the background to show the sad and happy life of the little man: Although the face of the pregnant wife Meiling (played by Ma Li) is calm, her heart is already hysterical, like ” Like a tiger descending from the mountain, he is asking about the traces of the “Huang Mao Xiaosan”; when Meiling is struggling with her marriage, her husband Xu Dong (played by Zhang Yu) smashes the “axe” and smashes the wall, making a series of puzzling moves. The peaceful northeast town in the past has completely turned into a pot of porridge.

In the simultaneously exposed posters, Meiling and Xu Dong seem to be in harmony, but in fact they have hidden concerns. The sweaters knitted by the couple turned into tiger skins bizarrely, and the one person and one dog emerging from below seemed to be closely related to their secrets. Faced with this farce and crisis, how should the couple make the right choice, and how will this marriage end? Right or wrong is hard to decide, just wait for the audience to go to the theater to find the answer.

Zhang Yu & Ma Li play for the first time——

Reveal the true power in the absurdity

It can be seen from the materials of this archive that “Siberian Tiger” reveals an absurd and true temperament. Whether it is the suspicion and dispute between husband and wife or the chicken feathers of middle-aged life, many plots reflect the helpless situation of contemporary people, just like the director As Geng Jun said, “Life is not a smooth road, absurdity is everywhere.” Relying on the director’s unique perspective and expression, “Siberian Tiger” has received a lot of praise along the way. At the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival, the film won the Golden Goblet Award for Best Picture, and was highly praised by the jury as “using symbolic The comedy technique shows the life state of ordinary people and their yearning for the future.”

It is worth mentioning that at the beginning of its debut, the film sparked heated discussions on social platforms, and a large number of netizens expressed their expectation for the starring lineup. The lead actor Zhang Yu was once known as the “biggest surprise in the Chinese film world” for “I am not the god of medicine”, and Ma Li is the “queen of national comedy” in the happy twist film series. When the two powerful actors partnered together for the first time, they burst out with different sparks, making the complexities of middle-aged marriages one by one. In the interview, Zhang Yu and Ma Li sighed at the same time that the characters played this time are completely different from the past, and they are a surprise attempt in their acting career.

The movie “Siberian Tiger” is finally set for this time and will land on the national theaters on January 14. 2022 is the year of the tiger. The tiger is the finishing touch in the film. The state of wild beasts after being tamed is just like middle-aged. A transparent and helpless mood. Such a clever new year’s work will bring different surprises to the audience, which is definitely worth looking forward to.


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