Golden Horse actor Chen Songyong died of kidney failure, his second brother beats the table and roars in the mourning hall to fight for inheritance | Entertainment | CTWANT

Golden Horse movie emperor Chen Songyong died of kidney failure on the 17th of this month. He lived at the age of 80. The farewell ceremony was held today (28th). After the public sacrifice, Chen Songyong’s second brother, Chen Wengqin, suddenly appeared and took the initiative to hold the media. He angrily said that Chen Songyong had not made a will during his lifetime, and that he would discuss the details with the lawyer this afternoon. “Don’t write me as Chen Hongzhang.” The brothers are full of gunpowder. In this regard, a person familiar with the matter revealed to this newspaper that Chen Songyong’s funeral was handled by his third brother, nephew, and good friend Mr. Chen, and his second brother died many times The Queen suddenly appeared in the mourning hall, and slapped the table on the spot and roared for inheritance.

Chen Songyong’s second brother suddenly appeared and shouted that his third brother was talking indiscriminately.

People familiar with the matter said that there is indeed no contact between their brothers. The third brother Chen Hongzhang is a careless and real person. After Chen Songyong passed away, he appeared in the mourning hall early in the morning to receive those who mourned Uncle Yong. Today’s farewell ceremony also arrived at the scene early, but has never received a media interview. Only Mr. Chen, who has been in friendship with Chen Songyong for more than 20 years, spoke on his behalf. The second brother, Chen Wengqin, was of a more grumpy type. He came to the table and shouted excitedly on the fourth day when the mourning hall was opened. And the Indonesian caregiver Yule, who had the same father and daughter with Uncle Yong during his lifetime, also said that he had never seen his second brother during the eight years of taking care of Chen Songyong.



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