Golden Horse/Wang Yuxuan cried until she was out of breath when she came to power

Reporter Pan Yuzhen/Taipei Report

The 58th Golden Horse Awards Ceremony made a grand debut today (27) at the Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall. This year’s best supporting actress was awarded to Wang Yuxuan of “Damn Asura”. She cried as soon as she came on stage, “Thank you for the 4 seniors who were shortlisted with me. “.

She cried and thanked the other finalists, “I grew up watching you perform and grow up, and your performance is my nourishment.” She breathlessly thanked my friends, and taught me freedom, equality and love. I know these are not simple. Need to continue to work hard.” She also confessed her shortcomings, “I will continue to be inadequate in the future, because I am such an inadequate person, so I need to continue learning”!

She dare not say that she is the person who loves movies most here, “but I love stories, and I want to be a person who continues to tell stories.” The judges believed that Wang Yuxuan had both contrasting and rebellious roles in the film, and was affirmed by the judges.

She thanked the director Lou Yi’an in the background, “I met him at 15 years old, and he made me know a movie for the first time.” After winning the prize, she most wanted to go home and sleep for 13 hours and get drunk. She thought she won the prize. Not lucky, “It was the help of everyone in the crew, but I was very lucky.”

Wang Yuxuan. (Photo/Extraordinary Entertainment)

Yahoo reminds you:
Excessive drinking can harm others and self.
Drinking is prohibited under the age of 18.

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